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Issues are the common denominator in Bullard Film Series at Angell Hall

Issues are the common denominator in Bullard Film Series at Angell Hall image
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Issues are the common denominator^
in Bullard nimJ)enes at Angell Hall

Call them "thinkers" movies if
you like, but the Perry Bullard The Bullard Film Series will present
film Series - wnicn commences Hie (uKuwiny.
Its rouriti season Sunaay night witn Sem. •» - Dr. swangelov
"Dr. Strangelove" in Auditorium A How 1 Learned to
of Angell Hall - is definitely a Worrying and Love
movie menu with a difference. Bomb"
"All the films we show deal with Sept. 21 - "Witness to
stresses Jim Burchell, an aide for Nelson Mandela"
state Rep. Bullard (D-Ann Arbor) Sapt- 28 — "Ths China
'Aiios iidoine cooruinaifc' ims
year's bill of fare. "Ann Arbor's al- Yn rome
ways been a great city for movies, and it's also a very good city for po- Oct. 5 — "The Businc;: Hunger" and "Con; Interest: The World .
litical activism."
Thus, the Bullard Series frankly Oct. 19- "Silkwood"
applies its synthesis of feature
nrl 7B - "VEfer.nS Tier::
IHilKl WM VIPVUIT^ UIIII III' I'lll'intl's ^'TfiT, Client C^rortm
aged to make a political commitment of their own. "There's just an Response to 'The Silent Scream' "
amazing amount of movie re-
sources out there, especially docu- Nov. 2 — "Nicaragua: The Dirty
mentaries," says Burchell. "I War"
come across more and more cata- Dec. 7 — "God and Money" and
logues ui Illin uistillJuluia Hint u[- inesvut^Utsli autuiluii'
ter the kinds of films you don't nor- All shows are at 7:30 p.m. in
mally come across. It takes groups Auditorium A of Angell Hall,
like the r, '•••fr- 435 S. State St.
native A; 'im
series n i;lm
groups) to fid these kind of turns
Shown t0 the PUDUC." Podow.nerhel'ormatoflirevi'ous
Topics for the current series, years, each show will include a
which will run each Sunday even- post-film discussion lead by guest
ing in Angell's Aud A. include nu- speakers. Yet Burchell hastens to
clear war, apartheid, the environ- add things u'on'tbe bogged down ir
ment, abortion, thr '-••'— '•lassroom-style austerity.
movement and the ongo- "I'm sure you've gone to a docu
in Central America. Im "ntary, or a hard-hitting politica
with sin-h tnnical featurr ... . . ilm, and at the end of it you're sort
<"l 'Silkwood" of left with your mouth oppi
v .seen docu- ing depressed," he says
ni innie and not to show films that leave
Nelson it the end you feel like you
of Hun; "/thing. We try to dis-
DirtyWar '"•-• • •-"" show how people, if

they're moved by the film, can
take those feelings and translate
them into concrete action."

Vrtnip 'i.- '•,••".•-";•' Nones maRes
no bo;, ieft-of-center

(lie controversial anti-abor-

The Silent Scream," ought to
for a dandy confrontational
evening come late October.

"We showed the film last year as
well." points out Burchell. "We
had a packed house, and things
word protty toncp. almnct rHclntp-

Wc had one guy in the mid-
' he film jump up onstage and

lell everyone his views. It's

emotional issue."

i so, "Ninety-five percent of
--^pic there wanted to.haac-

. ;^l;l»;-;l[[ l:)l[;liiliE8tl"
i.ui,.. ., "gi-
lent Si ill be
balanrr rsonal
Decisions" - "women telling ttisir
own stories about why they had an
abortion," says Eurehell plus
"Planned Parrr""-"- f—pnnse

to "The Silent .'•:.

Five of this l senta-
tions are free, ti--l- _——-il. "We
really make an effort to (ell gfoftS-

Of them Pnr'ODragc their classes t9
go." In "• HUl-

laird <?• ."^r

by loi. i'ch as
G.. ^ .;rJ tne Wash-
ist Apartheid.
:;h community
Bluupo. .-.nva iL.u.\,l)ell. "Then if
people go see a film - say, like the
Canadian film on acid rain (classi-
fied 'subversive' bv the Reagan
'nd the Ecol-
^oring it, then
i >out the Cen-
ter r- irrhaps work
tor thi It helps ev-