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Michael Davis, MC5 bassist, dies at 68

Mon, 02/20/2012 - 11:23am by amy


Michael Davis, bassist for the seminal 1960s band, [a:MC5], [|died last Friday of liver failure]. The MC5's time in Ann Arbor as the propaganda wing for the [w:White Panther Party] under the management of radical poet and activist, John Sinclair, is documented in essays, interviews, and news articles at [|]. You can learn more about Davis and the MC5 in author Brett Callwood's 2010 book, [|MC5: Sonically Speaking, a Tale of Revolution and Rock 'n Roll] (we also have an [|interview with Callwood] from 2010) and [|read a tribute to Davis] at The band's legacy is perhaps most memorably captured in the timeless [|photography of Leni Sinclair].

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