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Messrs. Editora: - In examining an olc Scrap Bbok, a few days since, I found the following extract frotn the National Gazette, printed in Connecticut. "A farmer, in Connecficut, who has occupied the satne furrn, on lease, for abuut ihirty years, was lately compliiining thai ho had been able to lay up nothmg from hia thiriy years' labor. A neighboring etorekeeper offered to explain to him the reason, and procecded as ibllows: - 'Dur'ng the thirty years that you have been on that farm, I have been trudiog in this fitorej and the distilled spirits I have sold you, with the interest of the money would have made you the owner of the farm you hire.' On examination of the books of ihe fltorekeeper, his assertion was found to be correct. The farm was worih about five thousand dullars."I am avare that the above story will hardty be credited by eome, but let me aay to those who are in the habit of tasting a httle of the "O-be joyful" from day to day, that if they will but keep an account for one year of the pennics they spend for the more than uselcsB drink they will readily be convinced that it ia one of the heavieat taxes they pay, Howiug thera to be what wo cali good farmers, and any thing of a toper. I raerely throw out theso few hints hoping thal gome one will try the experiment, that they maybeconvinced that takmg.their daily 4ram ib a rery great tax, eaying nothingabout the injury it does the system, and proft by the advice of a farmer and