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The repeal or rejection of that odious measure frorn the rules of the House, was effecled through the instrumentality of . Q. Adams, mul ilie readoption of it through that of Ifcnry A. Wise. These two men have botti cut loose from party, so for as to vary in many of their votes from party Jines, hut are in character anc! principies ihe exaciantipodes of each oiher. The one, hav'mg filled the highest slation in the gift of the people, has no sclfish motive, no am'bition to gratify, feu to sce our coun try made free and prospero. The oiher, yet in the early part of life, having recently entered the politioal race ground an aspirant for promution and distinction, has alreadyshe-.vuall that rocklessness, which is toooften fuund attached to the mere politiculdevolee or unprincipled demagogue; brought up from childhood in the midtstfoi'elavery, fuuiüiar wilh scènes of tyrnnny, cruelty aod unbridled pelf will, roe. into conyresa fulj of "chivalry," wiih u pistoi in one hnm.1 and a dirk or Bou e knife in ihe other, threatning, swajjgering, blustering, bullying oirnself into no -tice, h is most lamentable, that Wise ac his coadjutors and meu of vioience, lilce them, iftsiead of bein shunned and ricspised, have herctoforeobtnined ihe aseendency in Co ng rees, a rtditljough a r in ihc Minorit, have by party 'luachinery aad oiher means, conirivcd to brovv beat the nation and ruJe it witb despotic pover, for many years past. We rejoice Jhaï a spirit of inquirv. a spint of genuine libeïity 8 rieing. '"líut should the spirit of slavery continue - to sway the desiinies of our country, th'at wbich the south has so long and 60' oliën threateued, "a dissolution of the Union," may be the eonsequence. Then woe to the miserable authors! Thoy would all u easy prey to their own slave population. Even now their boastingisof 6hort duration,and if conlinued, wil! poon j come as rediculous, as-thai öf the South ! Carolina nation, a derision and by word. Every census carries thera lower and lotver in the scale of population and power.Tbc most odius and disgracefu! practice, in conseque.nce af this spirií, has long prevailed, of buyiog Southern votes by ihe sacrifice of JHoririern ngbts and principies of4iberty.frii)e democracy pray what ia tyranny or despotism ? VVe know not ihe meaning of terms. We have been accustomed to consider democracy, and liberty, and equal nghtst as having a cluse affinity. But if slavery be really the corner stone of our rejxubJiean edifice,' according to thedeclarntion of Gov. Mc' Duffie and -"the practice of the Srjuib,call' vs auythmg but a democrat. If we nv.stakc not ihesigns of ihe times,! "Northern men with Southern principies," are going out of fahion. Ai the demoera ts, that is thegreat body of the people, become more enlightened,"they will in selecting their rulers, be able to gee the differeace between honest men and demagogues, and will avoid the laiter. The ac tive noisy brawlers, who have pushed themselves forward, will be avoided, and; men of more modesty and merit, who have! been iessknown a3 politicians, chosen in their stead. Above al! they will avoid gag men. "Freedom of spech, freedom of the press, right of petition, will be their