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The Right Of Suffrage

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IT the Legislatura of Michigan slioükl so alter the charter of the vlfiaga of Ann Arbor ns to exclude frorn voting for t!)9 officers of the corporation, all persons who have blue eyes or red hair, and at the saine time subject the individuáis thus excludrd fo tWatlon of their property without their havingany voicc in fieifcüng the assessors, or trustees, or any officer of tho Corporation - there would bo a great complaint of iijusticc. We should Btraightway heir from the pereons éxcJiided about the inalienable righls óf raan - 'ppres6ion- tyranny- tiiai ail men who are subject to the laws should have a voice n. tnuknL liif.-m, and in electmf ofíicerá, and iliat they wouid not submit to suoh uneous enacünent, fcc Yet the eame individúale, who would thus complain, and justly complain in their own case, have had n 6cruple to support for tlio legisiature, men who have excluded froin the elective franchise iti the corporuiion elections, a part of the citizens of this village, not indeed on account of blue eye3 and red hair; but Kr n cause equally foolish and absurd - for huving a black 6kin. It is not uncommon to se a proflígate, dronken, lawlessscoundrel, wfiösé life ia a daajage to society, and vvhü is alikt; destitute of property, cixaracUr, (alcnts. knowledge, er upefulness, come staggering up to the polls to vote. This man, (f man lie may be called,) has a uioht to vote - he e a free bom American - a white man. But ifanother man - also a free bom Ameiican- who has all the qualificaüous which the other man has not,- v!io is a man of property, sober, industrious, wcll educated, ot unblemistied moráis comes t the inspectors, he may be shoved back with the declar. sation, "yon are not a white male citize n- you cfcnnot voto - but yoti must pay tnxes and submit to the l;ivs of the corporalion just the same as thojgh you could vuti, and if you are disobedient (o the corporatioxi FaWèj WE (the white men) will put you (a black man) in jail, or sell your property to pay your fine."' Is not this a fair statement of the case as t actually existe in the corporation of Ann Arbor? Who will indert;ike to defend it? If it cannot be defended, wliy should it not be abolished by L"gisature without delay? +t