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The Liberated Mendians

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These unfortunatc etrangcrs are now located at Farmington, Ct. They are proviided with a house and twelve acres of land wliicb they cultívate. They are divided into three classes; each class works three hours a day, and etudies six. They have a strong desiro to return their to nativo land. The project of Bending out some missionaries to accompany thfim, andestablish a permanent mission in their country, has been discussed to some extent in the religious papers. It has been suggeëted that the station might be under the charge of the A. B. C. Foreign Misaions. But Lewis Tappan has gitren noticc that tho comrrvittee of the Amistad fund, will ly no means consent that such a tnission should be establisheil by Soy Board, wbich openly soücitsand receives the "price of blood" and the fruits of robbcry, as donations into its trrasury, to bs uscd for converting tho heathen, and without the consent of Cinqne and his coiupanions, no miasion can be estabhsbed.