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Death Of Abolition

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- Ai'iering two weeks in Congress, most manfully, ihe Southern membe'r begin to discover that lije monster whdni ifiey have been fighting is not worth contending with, and is either dend, or in the last Lt;ge of consumplion. Mr. Staart, of Va., save, n the National Intelügencer, "I líuvp, long cnteruúned the opinión ihat ihe aboliiionists constitute but an iasignificani portion of the Noi'hern States." His coüenne, Mr. Bolt?, says, in the same paper, 'I am not disposcil to indulge in timiilityand ;iprehensiori at the l)ody of a biíad onst-er thatcnn on!y be reanimUed by an injucücious coursc of poücy by its own enemit :s.n "Jtsometimes happens tiiat churolips, as Htich, ivn slaves; and when they smjf, ihcir iiiiíiisier síipulites, 13 a porl oinis Siiiiiry, ilifit he .shall havo the service of Jun, Bii!. :cú, r.i. Salidas ibc case mav be.'' So says the Rock River Congregationttl Associ.-ition. Huw very convenient it must be (o fhe Southern Churches, to be i able topay their minister by rpbbipg tiic i poor aud helpless. And in caso ofa deficieney in the revenuesof ihe church, the eaiergency can easily be mci by JQst selling Jim, or Bilí, or Sull, (wiio perchajnce are also church members,) or if tlie debt be small, the sale of one of their childre.n may suffice ! GOAt Ihe Anniversary of the Ohio A. S. Society, se ve ral persons were present froin Virginia. They manifesten the greatcst interest in the proce-edins and subacribed überaüy to the Society. One man took ten copies Ú tbc Philanihropisï. alihough he wasobügcd lo have them sent to a Posl Oftlee in Ohio, on the opposite side of the river, a3 t was unsafe to send them to his own Post Office. !