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Auburn Christian Convention

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This body met June 23d, andtsut three days. Tberoli embracedlhe namesof203 members of tvhmi 57 wcre Presbytenans, 54 were Baptists, 27 Congregationalists. 26 Aleihodists, 10 meiiibers ofthe Aubtirn 'liieologicai Seminar.y, 3 Friends, 2 Disciples, 18 not indicated. Moro than 60 were knowti to be ministers. E!on Galusha was chosen President. Official Iel'' iers vc:e reud from two bodies of Free will Baptisíe, coniprising more than one iuindred churche?, frofn the lïolland Puricliase Coiiforence, and from tlic Oieeo land ilerkimer Cunvcntioo.The tVo foílowing qucstions were proponed, and answered by ihe Cmveutioii in j the afiïnnative. 1 . Ouglit lite sin of slavery to be made a test qucsíiun in the chinches? 2. O.jghLwe lo withhold chureh cornmunion und chrisiian fellowship tióm skvehuKlers, anc! t'ioso whoapprobate the reb.tin and practico of Bfaveholdiny? Twelve resolutions wcre passcJ, decluring, substantiaüv, the b-infulness of s-Iavcholding, that i:s tolcration in the Church is displeasong to the Ilcad of ihe Church; ihat siaveholiiing '3 unjustifmble, that the denial of the right of reprovip.g sin a?sumc;l by ihe slaveholders, is evidence of u dititurbcd cotiscience - that slaveholditig iá notn privileged sin - that Chrisliai.s have a righl to uct ecclesiastically ngainst this sin - that after admon ilion and reproof cvery Cimrch should wilhdraw christian fclInvship - hat evangelical hencvoleiitcietics shoulí] not in their operation?. sano, tion any iniquitous praciices. Tiic ninth resolulion inquires whcther the bcnevüleiit societies that appointslaveholding ngents or officers, or solicit donarions froro elaveholders, do not particípate in the sin ol' oppression md nñbory. - The llthresoluiion declares sulislanlially, ihat if tho benfivulcnt societies of ihe land (o not draw ihcir coimivance ftom the tin of shu-eholding, Chrisúan aiioütionists shouid wiiluJraw iheir contributions and support fYom them. The twelíih dcnounces the negro pew, and áffiVma that tlie ■JUinction of caste is moro wicked iiere ihan in id'iUtróue india.