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True Southern Doctrine

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- Mr.nor, or IN. U, in the House of Representativos;, June 20, said, that hc denied the nght of petition in ihe bensc which it ia claimed," and pointed out its mischjcvoiis effecls. He went into the hislory o'f'rhe Sist rule, and ipaid a high compliment to the Northern Democratie members by whose aid it was I passed. On this subjjgt, he said, te South knew no differente, 'iiny party that made war on her instiUitions she held as enemies, aud with any party that upheld her rights, she would unite with as frier.ds. Infkuence.- If there has been a Union of the whi'g party and the south, it must Be that ihe whi-r party has agreed "to upho!d jier rights," by denying the right of petition in the sense iu which northern men claim it. Is it so? {LrThe rosolutions of the Oaklandaboütiuuis;.?, whioh we pubüsh to day, are of of the right stamp. They c.xpress the fee! ings of plain practical men, icho expect to nnjaat what they say they will. {KrSeven new Tempérance papers have been recently established ia different parta ofthe Union.