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The Philrtinhropist etales that the re cent decisión of the Supreme CourtofOhfo seliing freo alavés who are brought inio that State by their masters, 13 one of the most important ever maile. If is extreme ly ve.xatious and inconvenient to slavehoi. ders, and ia the subject of unceasing cotn ment, botli in and out of the State. A most difgraceful mob took place in Cincinnali on the 24(1) uit. On the previoug even ing a colored man carne to the house ofJ. Burnett, a naturalized EnglishmuD, siaiing that he was fróm Kentucky, and his master had given him a pass to come lo Citicinnati. fie remair.ed all night. On Friday morning, while Mr. Burnett and fumily were at breakfast, and the negro in the room, three men entcred, and discovering the negro rushed upun him. Mr. B. and bis son ordered thecn to quit ihopternises. Mr. B. and liis famil underlook to put thein ouf, whon a general scuf ño eusucd, in the eouree oí' which, Mrs. Burnett was struck aeverul times with a stick, her husband throwrr down and hia lifo aíterapíed, but the pisto! mtssed fire.. A journcyman herc carne in, and the inirudcrs ere tlriven out of tlie house, and in ih'e mean time a íburtlj person lm ving mtcred during ihe affray and dragged ofT negro, ihe iracas endcd. A greut crowd assernbled around th&door, highly excited against Burnett, whowus aecused of harboring negroes, and resisting ihe peace officer, &c. The Shcriö vaa sent for, and mterfered, but soonde)aried, telling Burnett lo protect his own rights. After his departure, the mol) asembled in stiil greater numbers, and cotn. nenced an nttack on the house. While hcy were letting down the awning Mr. B.inierfered, and he was knocked down. Ilis three sons and son-in-law carne to his assislance,nnd a general fightensued, and they were driven into the house. Mr. B. lis three sou?, and ihree othct, were iken before-a magistrate and held to bail i the sum of $3,000, and in default theref were committed to priaon. During the examination before the raag strate, Mr. Bunting being challenged, acwed he vas an anti slavery man, for Inch he received a se veré blow ou the inouth, was driven outof the office, slruck several times, driven out of another house where he had taken refuge, and fi: ully füuiid shelter iu a lawyer's ofRce.The prisoners were subsequently bailed out. On tho evening of the saine day, the mob assembied, but was dispersed by the Sheriff. Oa Saturday night an abortive attempt was made to get up a mob, not only to dcstroy Mr. Burnett's property but to pull down the Press of the Pkilct'tthropist. Respccting the cause of these outrnges, the Philanihropist says: ''The increase of ihe spirit of violence ia oiir city has been decided, since ihö addition to the number of our coffee hou3es. - We walked about in the mob, and we.know th;U Alcohol had been doing its work. The attnck on Burnet was in part oving to the numher of Southerners tiöw coa gregated in Cincinnati; the hostiiity to the hite decisión of our SupremecQurt,lhe bitter denunciations of this decisión by tho Cincinnati Enquirer, a democratie paper, virtually toannulit - and to theindignation avvükened by the decisión among sorne of our steam-boat captains, hotel keepers and rnerchanls.The truth is, a certain c'.as3 of tho people of Cincinnati, the floatingpart ofihe populatiun, rriiated and led on by such iníluences, seerru resolved on defying the Supreme Judicature of the State, and trampüng on the constitution. In truth, íhisdelerniinatjon vva3 at the bottomofthe rnob. The captain of a steam boat remarked on the fiftli St., while the mob was on foot, that he would give $5 to ony one who would drive Burnett Trom Cincinnati. A Pork merchant standing by, aaid,bc would giv'é another,and there was not amerchant Í in Cincinnati, that would not give his 'V.' The keeper of one of our principal hotela complained ihat his business had fallen óffsadly sincethe decisión of the Suprema Court. And anolher steam boat captain was incensed, been use ie had been already $ 100 out of his pocket. VVe mention these facts, to show what kind of influences are at work inCincinnali to prostrate all lav,and make the Queeo city the slave ofslaves."(ptr The Genesee Conference have reísol ved, "That slavery, as it exists in the United States, is a violaiion of all rights, or.d a heinous sin against God; and ought, in no instance (o be toleraled by the church of Christ." A slave rccently recently escaped from Norfolk, by concealing himself on board the Brig Relief, while assisting in loading the vessel. While at Newport, R. I., he eloped from tbe vesseí, and is now at largo. i