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Oakland County Convention: For The Signal Of Liberty

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At a convemiun of aboliliönkts, lieïd according tonotice givcn on the 22J of June 1841, at the Baptist meeting house in Pontiac, Deacon K. 8, Fis'u wu callea to the chair, and Fruncja Darrow was rtnpbmtèd fcecretary. The moeting calied to order by the cimirmun, and praycr offured ly Elder Laban Smilh. A committee waB appointcd to present names to the conventiou to be supporied at the next general elecliun, fur members of our State lègislature. S.iid comrniUee were Nallmn Power, Uri Adam, George Horne!, Wm. ü. Stoue,-, E. S. ish. . Whereupon the conunitiee reponed jne following rmnies which were afreed to }' the Convention :- John Thayer, of Fnrmington; Pitts Jhillips, of Soutliñeicl ; Henry Waldron.of Ifoy; GeorgeSugden, White Lalce; liorce Stowel, of Highland; Joseph Morrison fPootiac. Un motion, a corr'esponding committee wG0 WaS aPPointed ior the county, viz: -VVd). G. Siowo of Troy; Uri Adams of Avon. amj Mathlin powerof Fannington. the Convuntion then resolved that the committee be instructed to issue a cali íor a cnveotion to meet in Pontiac, at the ourt house, on tho lOih of August nest, ono oclock, P. M., fur the purpoee of Of)ftiinatingasujtable candidate tobe supPofted at the ensuiog election, fur mein&er of our State Senato. Special invita 'I lion is giren to all the friends of tbe cnuse within the district to altend and assist in innking choice of a person well qualiñed to íiil the important station. On motion of Naihan Power, the resolutions brought forward bv the business committee of a former convention, of whom Wm. G. Stone, vvaschairman, were taken up for discussion, and opportunity given to all who might vvish to particípate iu Ihe debate. The live firsl resolutions were laken up and discussed, and passed. Convention adjourncd uniil half past one o'clock. Met pursuant ■ to adjouinment.- Prayer by Eider VV. Earl. Ader whieh the remaining resoiuïions were discussed and adoptcd. On moiion the yeas and nays wfcre caïJed for on ihe last resoiution wliich were as foüows; nyes 34, nays 8. Resolved, That slavery s a sin aguinsí God, and a violation of human rjghts, sub veriivc of the gospel, and as connected wnh the churclies, a scandal on the chrislan religión, and ought immediately to be kbqlished.Resolved, That we consider the doctrine tliat slavea cannot be emancipated wi;h safety til! they are educuled and enlightened,- absurd. Resolved, Tbat we considera as proved by the result of the West Indies expeirimen?, tliat tbs only way to elévate ihe colored race, is lo cmancj;ate Uiem (rum ai.t verban;] (xraflayéij prejudices, and givc jthcm mental nrd nK-ml instrucíiou, anti: ihat Ihey may ha emancipated vVhh perfect sufety and viirh gfoat atd rotóte gè i themeive?, tlu ir masters, and the country al large. Resolved, That the slaveholt'er, ïhouh a prorqss.éd (ollowcr of theLord Jesu? "is rtotwubstandinghisprorei-sibri, in the practico of h heinous feit:, and that fur northern churches 10 fellowship such, is to fel lowship and countenance, known und acknowledged ein.Resolved, Thtit l ia the duty of al! christians to whhhol.l nnd refüse christin ó fellowship tyifh siaveholding churches and individuáis. Resolved, Th'at we regard those in the cburch who justífy or apologize for s'avcry, or hush the voice oí' otncrs opposed to it, is ín a great degree responsíble for the continuanco of slavery, and that such a cour se is incompatible with the chrisiian cha meter. That the minisier who in his public adminisiration3 refuses to plead the cause of the oppressed, is unworthy our countenance and support. That we regard lbo hope that the gos- pel will remove slavery while the j sed church sanctions or countenances it, ' ;i delCision. Resolved, That we consider slavery not only a morul hut a great politica! evil nnd, (or rather the slave power.) lias been for these forty years pasf, suking! fearful inroads upon our political rights i and pecuniary interests. Resolved, That as slavery exisls under the sanction and prolection of Iaw, it must be abólished by the repeal of those laws. Resolved, That to procure'the al)olition of these laws, men opposed to thern musí ! be elected for Iaw makers. Resolved, That it ia inconsistent to yole' for an enemy to abolí tion to make and rcpeal laws, and theti complain of hia fur not favoring its principies.Resolved, That wo consider it a gross inconsistency, nnd even soiemn raockery, lo send the fricnds of slavery to Congres and then pray God to break every yoke and Iet. tbe oppressed go freo, and stiíi moré inconsistent to elect bad rníers, and then fast and pray over the corrupción of ihe Government. Resolved, That we consider both the existing poütical parlies faithful aiiiea lo the slave power. Resolved, That fór us to remain longer iq unión with these parlies, wouk! le to countennnee them in their subservieney, and by fo doiug, we should forfeit a il claim to consislency of character, neutralizo our iníluenoe, ond become a dead weight lo the gloriouñ canse oí' universal liberiy. Resolved, That il is expedient, and the only consislent course we can pursuè, to fonn oursclvea inlo a sepárate pany furpolitical 5iction,loeíFeetequal ríghta und universa! !iberí3'. Tíi'j thnnka of the convenlion worc vcted tho liaptïsl Sociuly and the oitizens oí' Pontiuc for the kindness shown tiie convention. Resolved, That the proceedinga oí the Oakland county convention be puUlished in the Signal of Liberty nnd signad by tlie President aml tfecrytarv.