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Opinion Of The Great

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To those who are n (he habit ofeslimating public opinión by the character of the soculled leading influertces of sooiely; who can belcive in no change, unless vouched for by certain distinguished leaders, the 6tatement jiist njade will appear visionfiry. "Have anyof the rulers or of thePharisees believed on him?I3ut this people who knoweth nol the la w are cursed.'' Such is the language of worshippers of authority of every age. We know, however, that now, as when the proud Pharisee spoke, reformation must pervade the mas.-, before itwill be shown in the divine or statesman, What are called the leading influences of society, are but the orgáps of its present will - 'he mere expressions of a sentiment which is in fact or appearance a popular one. Wen who have long been the rcpreseniativesof a class of ideas prevailing at a given perio;!, are not generally desirous of change. Their minds have become moulded to their circumstances: their mterests are klentified withthings as they are; iheir imporlance depends upon the permanence ot' the set of ideas ofwhich ihey ure the exponents. - Clear-sighteduess is not their attributc. There may be great latent chnnges, and they not delect ihem. The surface of society may continue the sime, long after decomposition has taken place beneath; so that white ihey are yet crying peace! eace!! the crust nmy l'all in and they be swullowed up in the chaos, out of which are to come a new heaven und n new earUi.