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It is truc, we beüevc without exception thatantislavery papers do not support ihem 8elves; the reasons of which aro, 1, They have no advertisment patronage : 2, The community of anti slavery readers ia yet, cotnparutively small: 3, Frequent and large issues are made for gratuitous disiribution: thus for example, during the íat session of Congress and state legislatura, nearly 300 copies of the Philanthropist were sentweekly to the members ot those bodies: 4, It is found expedient to have a very largo exchange list : 5 Subscribers to bcnevolent periodicals in a large number of cases do not re alize the obügationof punctual payiient. Commercial and politicai papers are bctter paid, because a subscription to thein is rcgardedstrictly as a business transactioujthe self-inlerest of subsertbers is more directly involved. Hul many subscribers to temperance and anti slavery papers seem to think it enouijh that they have shown iheir good will by subscribing - paying isanother matter - the subscription price tothem is to be given or withheld according to circumstances, not u dobt tbey are solemnly buund to discharge.