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Non Communion With Slave-holders

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Our readers have doubtless noticed how rapidly this great measure of trutb and justice is gainingground in the different evangelie dcnominations, both in thia country and in England. We have recor. ded in our paper the names of many individual churches as well as of associate bodies, which have taken this ground. By the notice of the meeting at Auburn, which we published last week, it will be seen thafjthat convention composed of more than 200 members has fully eanctioned the measure. The Freewill Baptist denominaiion, comprising 857 churches, 537 ordained ministers, 173 licentiates, and 41,887communicanis, has total ly purged itself iromall coniTection withthe abomination, so that a Freewill Baptist slaveholder does not exist.Ifitbe true as staied by Mr. Birney, that the Arnericun Churches are ihe great bulwarkofslavery, these movements are of great importrnce, and should receive the approval and support of every aUiitionist. We commend this subject to those abolitionista nlio are church raembers, who cannot conscientiously support a slave holder fur oflice. We ask you, can you consistently receive slaveholders to tbe fëllowship of your churchos? Do you require greater purity of character in the candidate for office, than in candidato for church membership? The New Hampshire Baptist A,. S. Society, June 22d passed tbe fullowiug resolution : itifcResolved, That it is the duty of tbe church of Christ to withdraw all fellowship from the sin of slaveholding. The fullowing resolution was proposed, and aiier discussion, laid on the table to be taken up al a future time, in a full meeting, called for the purpose of discussie it,ofall the B.iptistsof the State. Resolved, That the tirne has come when it is the duty of the church of Christ to take immcdiate measuies todisconnect the missionary cause from all participation with slavery.The New Hampshire Methodist Anti-' SJavery Society is composed of the local and travelling preachors of the M. E. Church in that State, and numbers upwarde of one hundred msmbers. At the annua] meeting, June 24, the following resolution was paesed: Whereas sluveholding is inherentlysinful in the sight of God, and a scandal to the chrisiian religión, therefore Resolved, That it ie the duty of the christian church to exertall the influence of expostulation lo induce professors of christianity who are now guilty, to forsake hegreatsinofenslavingtheir fellow men; and that when this reproof fails to reform, he incorrigible ofiender should be cut off Vom the cornmunion and fellewship of the church.