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Argus Unveils New Products

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Argus Unveils New Products

Argus Cameras, Inc., of Ann
Arbor this next
week will un-
veil a new line of 8mm motion
picture cameras, two new fully-
automatic electric eye 35mm
cameras and a 35mm slide pro-
jector with a zoom lens.
The unveiling will take
place at the Master Photo
Dealers and Finishers Asso-
ciation Convention which will
open tomorrow in Chicago.
Argus Cameras, Inc., is a
subsidiary of Syl-
vania Electric Products, Inc.,
which markets products manu-
factured by the local Argus
Cameras Division.
The new photographic equip-
ment was described by J. Jack
Riggs, president of Argus
Cameras, Inc.

The new 8mm motion picture
line, called the Showmaster, is
made up of three projectors
priced between $59.95 and
$134.95, a reduction below
earlier pricing of a larger Show-
master line.

More consumer features have
been incorporated into the Show-
master line at the lower pric-
ing, Riggs said, reflecting the
efficiency of the new Argus
projector plant recently opened
in Columbia, S. C.

Two of the projectors, the
Showmaster 750 AVZ and 500
AZ, have full-autoload mechan-
isms which allow the projectors
to load themselves.

The 750 AVZ has a multiscope
zoom lens, forward, reverse and
single-frame control, all oper-
ated by a single level, and a

iriable speed control to elim-

ite flicker. It offers 750 watts
of screen brilliance, and sells
for $134.95, which is $15 lower
than previous Argus 750-watt

The 500 AZ has all feat—-
of the 750 AVZ except the
ble speed control and lighting
system which takes a 500-watt
projection lamp. Its price is

The third projector, the
Showmaster 500, has been re-
duced to $59.95, a $20 cut in
i pricing. It does not have the
autoload and zoom lens fea-"

New Products

^.r-Sk ij


The new 35mm cameras, the
Autronic I and II, have an

1 ' onic II

electric ,, i. mechanism that
automatically selects and sets
the proper exposure with film
having an ASA rating between
10 and 100.

Both cameras have f2
tar lenses and both have ; ;

pur si-ii •" ith 1/30 to 1/500
of a si • _i(-'ed, plus "bulb"
se' ;ey are equipped with
Co',. ; itigefinders, a "count-
down" film frame counter, rap-
id film rewind system and a
signal system Jn the viewfinder
that shows when there is too
•'tie or too much light to take

good picture.

The Autronic II has an over-
sized rangefinder with a lumin-
ous br' ' to outline the
actual i-,.. Jrea. It is an aid
to composition and viewing ac-
curacy, Riggs said. .,

Argus will unveil the cameras
Tuesday, along with two new

i lementary lenses—a 40mmi

angle and 75mm telephoto?
lenses that can be used on the
Autronic I and II and other
Argus 35mm models.

The Autronic II viewfinder is
equipped fnr '"•- with the sup-'
plementar; . while aux-J
iliary viewim'ifi:' can be pro-'
vided for use with Autronic I
and other 35mm models.

The Autronic I costs $79.95,
while the Autronic II is priced
at $99.95 and the supplementary:

lenses are set at $49.95.

The new 35mm slide projector
with a zoom lens is called the
Electromatic 572. Its zoom lens
can cover a 40-inch se'-ppn be-,


Electromatic 572

tween 91/2 feet and 17 feet with-
out moving the projector.

The Electromatic, which
sells for $159.95, has a f3.5
lens, a 60-slide magazine set-
up which permits use of slides
without clips. The projector
has automatic timing and re-
verse cycling and a pointer

Also included are a remote
control unit permitting for-
ward and reverse cycling and
remote focusing, plus a pan-
elescent strip that provides low-
level 'light to make control vis-»
dble in a darkened room.