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What Have You Done

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Let no abolitionist be desturbed by the ofi' repeated question, what have you done or what can yo do? "Scattered truth was never, never wasted." Tiiat which we have sown broad cast isyielding fruit an hundred fold. Sow it more widely, and witli redoubled dilligencc. lts power is invincib!. Men ma y boast and rave as they will, btü. they can not lung contin ue a practice at variance wuh the moral ! sentiment of their age.i hey teil us our numbers are contnmp'■ ibly smal}. I only wis'.i our faith and ; moralcourage were so strong as our lium! bers. It is not numeric-il atrenih vo need. You, or I, dear reader, it" we had i sufficient zeal and persevereanro, could i a one keep the anti-rslavery agitaiion ac tjve duringour d;iy and generauon; and j this by no merit in ourselves, bul simply i from the excellence of our cause. If true principies be uttcred with earuest sincerUy, no exertion oí policy in the advocate, can possibly prevent their triumluuitprogress. The verriest oíd woman, rn the smaHest cowntry town,can, if she will, keep a time-serving Congress in confusión, and the whole South in a perpetual ferment; for. as the Scotch proverb exppesses it, "A haggis hersel can charge down hill." Emancipator . The following is published in the color, ed Amereican: "A cali for a State Convention in Pennsylvania will be issued in a few days: the committee only await the return of ñames to be attached to the call.', Indolekce, is the parent of vice.