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Argus Moves Executives To Chicago

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Argus Moves
To Chicago

(Special to The News)

CHICAGO—Six Argus, Inc.,
marketing executives from Ann
Arbor, Mich., have been pro-
moted to corporate-level posi-
tions at the firm's new head-
qu;»'tpT"< here.

inges, announced to-
da^, ccirry out plans to con-
solidate in Chicago all market-
ing functions of the company.

Argus established headquar-
ters in Chicago when it was
purchased by Mansfield Indus-
tries, Inc., here, from Sylvania
Electric Products, Inc. The
Argus, Inc., name was adopted
May 14.

Moving to new positions are
the following executives:

Herbert Hall of 2323 London-
derry Rd., former vice-presi-
dent of Argus Cameras, Inc.,
appointed corporate director of
merchandising for all products
and divisions, including two
separate sales organizations
planned for the company's
Argus and Mansfield Holiday

.; . ,i.,,ii,,c,rd of 4041 Thorn-
oaks Dr., former vice-president
of field sales for Argus
Cameras, appointed sales man-
ager for all Argus activities, in-
cluding domestic and interna-
tional sales.

William F. Armstrong of H"
Bruce St., former marketi?
services manager at Argus
Cameras, appointed to a sim-
ilar corporate position.

Thomas L. Saffen of 3098
Lakeview Dr., former advertis-
ing manager, appointed corpo-
rate advertising manager.

Kenneth D. True of ,2608
Brockman Blvd., former sales
manager of special accounts,
will hold the same position in
the Chicago headquarters.

Robert L. Lewis, former sales
manager of national accounts,
appointed to a similar corpo-
rate position.

Additional executives may be
moved from Ann Arbor to Chi-
cago in the future, said Albert
R. Bernard, the firm's execu-
tive vice-president.

The company's corporate pro-
duct engineering staff and cus-
tomer service department, as
well as production units, will
be'located in Ann Arbor.

The Ann Arbor division will
be mainly a manufacturing
source for optical components
and cameras, Bernard said.
Present and future defense
optics contracts will be filled
from the Ann Arbor plant.