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Argus Markets Professional Camera, Announces Projector Price Cuts

Argus Markets Professional Camera, Announces Projector Price Cuts image
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Argus Markets Professional Camera,
Announces Projector Price Cuts

Argus Inc., announced today
it ss marketing a new 35mm
single-lens reflex camera, the
first of its type to be marketed
by the concern. It also an-
nounced, .Price cuts on projec-

The new camera features a
58mm f/1.7 Argus-Sekor six-
element lens—the fastest one
in its price class—which i
coated and color corrected for
professional sharpness and con-
tra.'-' ^ •'-; opening are f/1.7
to i

The camera's price, includ-
ing case, is $179.95. An Argus
spokesman said the new prod-
uct "contain^ most of the fea-
tures previously found only in
much higher-price single lens
reflex cameras."

Features include an auto-
matic quick-return mirror,
depth-of-field preview button,
full-aperture viewing and focus-
ing with fully automatic 1;

phragm, pentaprism r e l i '• \
finder with Fresnel screen.
Other features are sharp focus-
ing down to 16 inches with in-
fra-red focus index, speeds of
one second to 1/lOOOth of a
second, up to 10-second self-
timer, single-stroke wind lever,
and automatic resetting film

An exposure meter is a $24.95
accessory which clips to the top
of the camera and couples to
the shutter speed dial.

A f/2.8 wide-angle lens is
available and adapters for
other popular lenses and a
complete line of, other sp< '•• .'
ized accessories for close nii
work and specialized photo-
graphic operations are expected
to be available early next year,
the spokesman said.

The spokesman also an-
nounced that Argus' entire line
of Argus Automatic and Elec-
tromatic slide projectors have
been reduced in price by $10
to $20.

New pricing is as follows:
Electromatic 572 2
$139.95, down $20; Electro „ -
570, $119.95, down $20; Elect
matic .'ifiO, $104.95, down $i_,
Ei tic 55, $84.95, down
$1^. -Liu.uiatic 540, $59.95, down I
$10. '.' -j

"These major red"''1"----
come as a result of ine
efficiencies in projector pro-
duction through new plant fa-
cilities," the spokesman said,
adding, "These, changes are
for current models, not inven-
tory clearance items."