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Under this head, in anotber column, wil be found a resolution adopted at a recent Colonization Convention in Maryland. We considcr this to be one of the most plain, borefaced, uablushingavowals ofwickedness tïiat ever proceeded from a religioas or philantbropic body of raen. A simple analysis of tbe resolution shows a cold blooded utrocity, of which savages ought to be ashamed. 1. What was the thing to be done? To drive out a part of the free inhabitants of tho "depriving them of the freedom of choice, and leaving them no alternative but reraoval." 2. The persons to be thus expelJed from their blrth place and driven into a strange land, were free cOi.oREDpeople. The color was not the objection. This convention would not drive out some 80,000 slaves from tbe State. Butthat a colored man should be frée, they could not endure it, and like tbe Jewe of old, cried out, away with such a man:3. Thifl was not a conspiracy qgamst a a few individuals, but a scheme to persecute until tbey would consent to leuvo the State, more than 6#,000 free people, whose right toa roeidá?a for üfe 10 the land of their oativity was as good as that of tbeir persecutors. 4. What powerful reason could be adduced why tbey ehuuld thus be scattered to the four quarters of heaven? Hear, O earth, and be astomsbed as you listen to the declaration of these republicana and Christians! "]f they continue to persist in remaining in Marylaod,tn the hope of enjoying an equality of social and polilical rights," they rauBlboexpolled! If these persecuted, down irodden peoplo shall continue, in the land of their birtb, in the hope of raising themselves to respectability in üfe, and the enjoyment of the political privileges which are their right, by a course of steady and patiënt industry, and a quiet eubmission to the lawa of their country - let them have no alternativo but removal. For the astomshing crime of baving such a hope as chis, the Convention deeiii them worthy of perpetual baniuhraent from the State. Their very hopes of raieing themselvea above the power of prejudice- their aspirations for the full erjoyraentofall the privileges offreemen, - which are usually counted worthy of all praise a- mong all nations - are here held up to view by these Christians as a reason why their fellow cilizens nhould unite in expelling them ffom their native land. Twenty counties were represented in the Convention, and all thu warda of tho city of Baltiraore: and yet the resolution passed without a dissenting VO1CO.5. Who originated and supported this resolutionl We are told that Episcopaliane, Baptiets, PreBbyterian8, Methodists and othcrs wero present. A Methodist Bishop preBided. So that we may conclude the churches of that State fully coincide in the doings of the Convention. This resolution was addressed directly to the colored people, as the voice of this body of Christians! What a ie3ecration of the term The spirit which originated the resolution never carne down from Heaven. God s do respecter of perons; neither wil} the Spirit of Holiness, which leads into all truth, ever lead any individual to be a Freb-Negro Hater. Such open and decided avocáis of wickedsese as are occasionally transpiring in the Slave States, and originated by slaveholding Chriatiane, are fest preparing the way for a separation of the Northern Churches from U connection with thoee organizations which withhold the JBible from their membcrs, sanction adultery, rob their own brethn and sisters in the Lord, and traffic in the bodies and souls of immortal beinge, with ui shame and without remoree.