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- A great ColonizaronConvention for the Stato of Maryland has just been held. They passed the folJowing resolution, viz: Resolved, Thatwhilo it is mosteamestly hoped that the free colored people of Maryland may see that their bestand most permanent nteresta will be consulted by their emigration from this State, and while this convention would deprécate any departuro from the principie which makes colon ization dependant upon the action of the free colored people themselves, yet if, regardlees of what has been done in anticpation of such result, to provide them with n asylum, they continue to persist in emaining in Maryland, in the hope of enoying an equality of social and political ghts, they ought to be solemnly warqed iiat, in the opinión of this convention, the ay must arrive, when circumstances that annot then be controlled, and which are now maturing, will deprive them ofth reedora of choice, and leave them no al ernative but romovah