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Emancipation Will Take Place

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Mr, Hougk - Permit me in a íeeble way, to bring bcfore ihe mintl of the public what seems to me a moral demonstrawon: tliat s, that tho Ruler of the kingdoraa of this world is on our side, on this reat bleeding question of humanity. Look at the conduct of the present Congres, since the extra session commenced. ín the first place, the polilicians, in and out of Congress; yes, and even Mr. Slade printed that Congress could not be troubled, at its extra session,whh elavery; petitions theron, or the repeal of the 21st rule, the nations throat gag- no, oh no. - Even that tremendous gag voting abolitionist, William Slade hiniself, with all 1Ú9 benevolence, tried to prevent stupid abolitionists from blundering up to Congress with so small an errandasto ask this government todo what it could to malie f'reemen of 2,600,000 slaves loaded with letters forged by tho hands of equalityloving repubhcans, and forewarned us against 8uch folly as to hope or believe that an American Congress would pend aIcsure hour to bind up the halt deiul and wounded millions, who had been stripped ofallthDg9. No;hc teilsus that a subject like thar could not secure attention, at least until thegreater wants of the nation were supplied. The idea held out by ihis liberty-loving slave-freeing man, that the liberty of mil liona was a thing well enough in its place, but by no means to be sought or demanded at an extra ees - si on of Congress. What, yo abolitionists who did not vote for slaveholding Tyler, do you suppose Congress will regard the lost liberties of millions of native-born Americans as a subject worthy of contemplation as compared with the aw ful loss the nation wou ld 8ustain in Congresa withholding the ebarterof the United States Bank? No, nojthe liberty of miliions is not to be spokea of whilo a great nation is rising up and going to bed without a Uuited Siates Bank! Horrible thoughi! to contémplate this great republic without a bank! Has not every State, Territory, city, county and largo village its bank? And shal! not the republic itself have one l Talk not of liberties of crushed millions, while ihe Bub-treasury, enacted almost a year ago, ia unjepealed! Oh, speak not- for humanity'dBake- speak not of the bleeding millions of slaves, while ihe nation has uo fixed system for borrowing motiey, or plantor creating a well proportioned national debt. Open not your mauths for the dumb and handcuffed nxillions, until these greal pararaount necessities of ihis youug gigantic nation are provided for! What, ure yousoaudacioua, so lost to reason and to logic, as not to know that we had bettor acrifice the liberty of millions ia the cotton fielda and swamps of the South, than for therepublic toremain bankless1} VVhat is liberty without a bank? It is no longer "give us liberty or death!" bul "give usa bank ordcath. Give ue a repeal of the subtreasury ordeaih. Givo us a national debt, well adjusted for its redemption orgive usdeath!" But this extra Congress met these croakings; it met, without a single genuine abolitionist in the whole body; not a man who would sacrifice his party for the slsve; not one man was found in the extra American Congress of 1841, who would stand by theelave in all weathers, or who would ac for human liberty nall positions,andnev er flinch,retreat, or quall before the crue oppreseor. That man was not found in the extra American Congress. Withou an exception, each member dreaded being callad a modern, voting abolitionist, nwre than he would to be called a traitor to his country. In the Roman Senate, the speaker, on rising, would say, H am a Roman citizen," but in the American Congres?, the speaker, on risir.g, says, I am not a modern aboliiionist." This exclamation 13 a passport, shown and put foith like a stranger's at a frontier post, as he is abont to enter a foreign country.- The American Congressman, after uttermg that shibolethjia authorized to talk and give his opinioa on the interdict question (his opinión being generally considered aa wrapped up in this passport,) witltout being roared down bythe howlings ofslave holding insanily. But notwithstanding all this, wiih an expressed opposition from all sides and all parties in the House of Representaiives, tho quesiion of abolition, the exscinding the 21st rule of the House, inhibiting the tho presentation of abolition petitions, protrudea itself upon the House, even before the House of Representaiives sorganizod by the adoption of rules for ita own government in the transaction of business.