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Argus Strike Sides Blame Each Other

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Argus Strike Sides
Blame Each (^her

the National Labor Relations
Board to full status.

Koeppen said one strike-
breaker had been arrested but
he did not know of any pickets
who had been arrested.

Ann Arbor Police Mayor
Howard Zeck said three non-
picketers had been arrested.
One was for striking y ; .
and leaving the scem\

charged, another brought in
but not charged and a juvenile
(under 17 years of age) cited

"»rr ui charges h^vr

iipany, sirikehreaiv
ice and The News w ;••
a The News. The letter
ot include any names
'signed by all the peo'

Washtenaw dei •iPd.
-ludge Ross the Jinf;;
!i'iucl a legal withavioiii
provision w(-
•iidge Campbell ployes to be ;i''
'inary injunction re. without being harassedL even di.
; by the company since Zeck also showed The News Zeckl ,in-
!fd Auto Workers re- 30 complaints against pickets dicated ii.u. .i"».n 91, e lative promised that a alleging malicious destruction number had been made on
picket line would be of property, most of which in- both sides. But police have re-
•!ned. The judge ad- volved damaging vehicles go- ceived more complaints about
; the hearing with the ing through the picket \vi .,.'rs.
;on that the parties Zeck said these n'} n-r portion of the letter
be called back into arrests and complaii. Ann Arbor News as
i'2 hours after notice if all that could be fou;' iio eoD.s are all Argus
there were violations of the lice files but there «•: 'Is in
agreement. others- He explained it to
Stewart Katz, the company reports on the Argus • •-v do
"—fv, said the requr-' * tl'ri-p nni filed 10 iii.,. .f.n iiinur .1 n-sdi anihf-
'^f for another h.';; The News said it has been
i'.t1 coming but a no* been made ' iiickels "could not Si.i-ii brrn wrilleii 'Ailh Quotes
iSurtiier from the truth." t-ious
said police have taken
r.i-'ts by the arm, prevented nines
- -ni from blocking vehicles, f!;-,:., s Ar-
!'>re prevented some gus- <)' .^ by
i being arrested, a scah, the
i^lice do not take scene- i. her
wumd IUOK nitiKiirsimailu'i, drove wt. MW was iai Leonard Page, a UAW n:tor- pickets the hospital. The scab was al-
ney. left the area briorc v i>le from iowed to stay free. The police
returning a telephone call w0i •: .;'ii" -strtk- didn ii rven go get him until
made by The News. and he crs should -f day- Don't get us all
could not be reached for com- The police o^ iiot all the police have
ment- states that E i-l, some of them know
Kenneth Koeppen, an inter- stop or even ;....ui- .n....i.i. „„-. .. to tti^-ir inhn Rui most
national representative for the from entering. Pickets are al- ol tne , - the
(JAW, said, "picketing has lowed to stop a vehicle and picket ', .ire
hepn primarily conducted in ask the person to honor the pi'ttin.;'
' 1;» but if the driver r' ' ri ine par-
hen the vehicle referred to
allowed to go appeared to
ihf picket line, Zeck ;.i..-kets. It ran
ri'iRsi;ii(--^ i)r-' rtf ^r^i" from said. over one person's leg and
broke the ankle, he said.
There was chaos and officers

the next day. he
; Another portio
'said, "Argus
Acts their scabs
;at break
iglris din
'thing th-

f,n(,l >,,.

damaging ot cars. The police
an1 domp a ^nod iob hut it is

courts have upheld the elec-
tinn and says w have a union.
/ :nil we have a
8 -it down and
& (ederal law
-. union is an
•s right by
law protects

tnese riKBts in addition to-
these rights for workers the
law forbids company and oth-
ers (rom interfering with our
rights. So tell us what hap-
.pens to our rights, and protec-
tion. Aren't we good enough to
p-^f^ rt"— The News ]ust
r of things?
t .1 help out the

that the matter will be sel
by the court in about 11
months. The company will
bargain with the union un!
final decision is reacheil
the court.

• Hochgreve said in in.
meantime the company ha:

moved its hourly work forci

'•by 11 to 36.

' The general manager sai(

'the plant is operating on ;

day-to-day basis. He said