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Liberty Party Prospects

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We have the most cheering reports from different parts of the State. The abolitienists of Michigan certainly have "two ideas," and they know how to put thera together. They abhor Slavery, and they willshew their abhorrence by their works. A friend in Adams, Hiüadale county,late!y sent U3 a list of subscribers, and adds as follows : 'I think, could there be an organizution oi a Society in this county, by a proper agent,much might be done at the ballot box tnis fall, as there ure raany abolitionists who are tired of the present partv, or of their legislation, and would join 'the third party. In this town, at our township meeting, the standard was raised. Township ofticers were nominated by the abolitionists, and ngainst them were uniied the whigs and democrats. The result wa thnt out of one liundred votes cast for Su pervisor, the abolitionist receivedori seven. Thé abolitionists elected all th others in which the parties did not act i concert."Hillsdale, compared with soma oihe countie3, is new and the poju?ation eparse and very few votes were given in tha county for the Liberty Ticket last fall.- Six months after, one liule townof 100 vo tcrs gave one-seventh partas many vote as the whole State of Michigan at th previous general election. Those politi cians who desire to be popular,will do we to notice the signs of the tims.