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The Brittania steamer arrived nt Boston on ihe 3rd nst. Thegreat debate n the House of Commons, on Sir Robert PeePs motion tha ministers do not sufficiently posses the con fidence of Parliameni to enable them t carry into effect measuresdeemcd by thcm important to the public welfare, was close June o. The vote stood tor Sir Peei's rnotion,312 Against it, (whig and radical,) 31 Majority ngainst Ministers, It waa expected Parliament would be dissolved about the 22nd uit. The coming elections would be moet furiously con tested. Later. - TheCaledonia left Liverpoo on the 4ih Julv, and brings news of th electionof the new membera of Parliament. It was known in Liverpool on th the 2ud that 148 Tories, and 145 Liberal had been returned to Parliament. Serious riots have taken place in Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, and many other places; several persons were stabbed, and some died of excitement. Rioting, fightng, murder and blooJshed, were the order jf the day all over England and Irelund. - Four men, one wotnan and one policeman were shot in Liverpool.