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Bookshare Celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

Thu, 05/03/2012 - 9:18am


Access to books for education, employment & social inclusion has dramatically increased for people with [| print disabilities]. An early ebook innovator, [|Bookshare] developed a new approach to digital rights management [|(DRM)] which include both electronic fingerprints in the books as well as legal agreements & social pressure. Bookshare's parent company, [|Benetech] is a leading provider of accessible open content and open source tools to improve accessibility. Bookshare started with volunteers digitizing and legally sharing materials over the Internet with others who had qualified print disabilities. To date, over 180 [|publishers] have now contributed over half of the 140,000 titles in the collection. For more information about Bookshare or to see if you or a family member qualify, [|click here].