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Slave Markets.--united States: Richmond, Virginia

Slave Markets.--united States: Richmond, Virginia image
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"Let us proceed, gentlemen," cried the seller of human flesh, n a stentorian voice "let us proceed; a woman for sale',1' cAn excellent woman; nota fault! - And a little boy in the bargain. How much for the mother and child! 250 dollars; very well sir, 250 to begin. - Some one has bid 250. Truly gentlemen, they sell cattle for a larger price. 250! look at these eyes, examine these limbs - ehall I say 260? Thanks, gentlemen, some one has bid 260. It seems to me üiat I heard 275; - go on, gentlemen; I have never sold sucha bargain. How? 280 for the best cook, the best washer, and the best dress maker in Virginia? - Mqat I sell her for tho miserable price of 280? 800; two gentlemen have said 800 Very well, gentlemen ; I am happy to see you begin to warm a little; some one bid 310-310, going-330-325-340,going;upon my honor gentlemen, it is indeed a sacrifíce to lose so good a cook: a great bargain for 340 dollars. Reflect upon it a little, and do not forgot there is a little, boy in the bargain.Here our auctioneer was interrupled in his harangue by one of his customers, a man whose appearance liad inspired me from the first moment, with a feeling of horror, and who, with the indifference and sang í'roid otan assassin, mude to him the following observation: "As forthe negro child, it is good fornotiiingjitig nol worth a day'a nourishment: and if I have the mother, I will give away the child very quick; the first bidder will be oble lo. have i t a cheap bargain." I glanccd at the unfortunate mother, anxious to see what effect this barbarous proposal wouid have upon her. She did not speak, but a profound sadness was impressed on her countenance. The little innocent which she held in her arms (ïxOd his large eyea upon her, as if saying mamma,why dq you weep?' Then he turned to the witnesses of this heart rending scène, withan expression that seemed to ask what they had done to his mother to make her weepso b'Uterly. No,never will this moment escape my memory ; it has confírmed me for all ray life in the horror that I already feit at this nfamous traffic. Theauction continucd,and final ly the crier,striking a heavy blow with a ham mer, pronounced the award to Mr , for 360 dollars. The victim descended from the table , and was led away by the Theother slaves were sold in the same manner as poor Betsey Julia was sold at 336 dollars, and Augustus at 105. They both feil to the same individual wbo hadfnuFchasad the former lot.