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Charleston, S. C.

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I saw droves of the poor fellows driven to the slave markets kept in different parts of the city one of which I visited. - The arrangments of this place appeared something like our northern horse markets, having sheds, or barns, in the rear of a public house, whcre alcohol was a handy ingrediënt to sttmulate the spirit of jockey As the tradcrs appeared, lots of negroes wore brought from the stables into the bar room, and by a flourish of the whip were made to assume an active appearanco. "What will you give for these fellows? How old are they? Are they healthy? Are they quick?"&c. At the same time tho owner would give them a cut with a cowhidc, and teil them to dance and jump, cursing and swearing at them f they did not move quick. In fact, all transnetions in buying and selling slaves partakc in jockeyship, as much as buying and selling horses. There was a little regard paid to the feelings of the former as we witness in the latter. From these scènes I turn to another, which took place in front of the noble exchange buildings, in the heart of the city. On the left side of the steps, as you leave main hall, immediately underthe windows of that proud building, was a stage built, on which a mother with eight childreu were placed, and sold at auction. I watch ed their emotions closely, and saw their feelings were in accordance to human nature. The sale began with the eldeet child who, beiogslruck offto the highest bidder Wft taHen from the stage or platform bythe purchaser, and led to his waggon and stowed away, to be carried into the country; the second and third were also sold, and so on until seven of the children were torn from their mother, while her diacernment told her that they were to be separated probably for ever,causing in that moth er, the most agonizing sobs and cries, in which the children seeraed to share. The scène beggars description; suffice it to say il was suiïicient to cause tears from one nt least "whose skin was not colored like their own,1' and I was not ashamed to give