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Liberty Convention

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OQr'The undersigncd, lega] voters of the County of Washtenuw, invito a meeting of the Abolitionists of eaid CouiUy, wlio approve of making nominations for office, intlepeodent of olher partie6, of such nen only, aa will use their individual and official influence to secure equal and exact justice to all men, to be held at the Court House in Ann Arbor, on Wednesday, the ttoenly-fifth day of August next, at 10 o'clock, A. Ai. for the purpose of nominating candidates to represent the county of Washtefjawin the Legislature of Michigan, and for the transaction of such other business aa may be deeoied expedient. ? (CJSenatorial Convention. - The un. dersigned, legal voters of the Second Senatorial District of Michigan, (beingnow the counlies of Washtenaw and Livingston,) invite those Abolitioi)i8ts who approve of Independent political Nominatious, to meet in Conver.tion,ai the same placcat 1 o'clock for thepurpose of nominating one or more candidates for the office of Senator to represent said District in the Senate of Michigan, and for the transaction of such other businesö as may be deemed advisable.AííN ARBOIt. Sabio Felch, Job Slatford, D H. Pattison, Bela Brown, Calvin Büss, Roswell Moore, R. Parson3. S. B. Noble, Monson Whceler, Wm. Jones, Kincoth Davídson, J. Chaudlcr, Jr. Sylvester D. Noble, Chauncey Brnnch, J. B. Barnes, D. A, WcCoJlum, Amasa Fuller, Charles ílosely, Stephen Daraon, Jr. Ira Felch, Zenas Nash, Thomas Slone, Joseph Powell, H. Bower, John Damon, M. H. Cowles, Z M Thonias, Iraei Williams, Hcman Thomas, John Voorheis, Wm. Campbell, V H Powell, tí. Jennings, G. Beckley, Joel R Hiddim, Wm B. Greenman, James Gihson, Solomon Doty, Thomas G. Davis, Seth Chase, Jared Lelts, Joseph W Wait, S. Campbell, B. Porter. Salem.1 B Iiaphauis D F Norion, Edmund Pratt, Stephen Rider, Charles Bryant, J B Pinkney, H S Hamilton, Warren Hamilton, Joel HamiKon, H M Hamülon, John Peebles, leaac Hamilton, Maj J H Peebles, E C Hamilton, Scth Thompson, Reuben Peebles, David Pcobles, Lauren Pratt, Yfsilanti. H B Ton Eyck, H II Grifiln, A A Copeland, A L Chase, J M Brown, C C Barnes, Mial C Parker, Justus Norns, P DWoodruff, S W Patchin, Scio. v iloses Wallis, Theodore Foster, Thomas Hoskins, Jacob Doremuí, Dwight C. Foster, S VV Foster, Henry Dwight, N C Goodale, Daniel Dwight, Jamos Doremus, E S Smilh. Sylva, George P Kinor, Ira Spaulding, J A Parks, Lecnard C Parks, GCHaJl, Milo Chamborlin, Ira Spaulding, Jr. Freenian T Lawrence, A W Davis, Aaron Lawrence, John Wheeley. Webster. VV W Willets. Linden. Ezra Fish. Superior. John Hoff. NORTHFÍELD. M Lang. Senatorial - Pütnam, Livinoston Co. Leonard Noble, John A Coniway, Daniel Cook, Philjp Eaman,


Liberty Convention
Senatorial Convention
Liberty Party
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Signal of Liberty
Sabin Felch
D.H. Pattison
Calvin Bliss
R. Parsons
Monson Wheeler
Kenneth Davidson
Sylvester D. Noble
J. B. Barnes
Amasa Fuller
Stephen Damon Jr.
Zenas Nash
Joseph Powell
John Damon
Z. M. Thomas
Heman Thomas
William Campbell
S. Jennings
Joel R. Hidden
Job Slatford
Bela Brown
Roswell Moore
S. B. Noble
William Jones
J. Chandler Jr.
Chauncey Branch
D.A. McCollum
Charles Mosely
Ira Felch
Thomas Stone
H. Bower
M. H. Cowles
Israel Williams
John Voorheis
V. H. Powell
Guy Beckley
William B. Greenman
James Gibson
Thomas G. Davis
Jared Letts
S. Cambell
T.B. Lapham
Edmund Pratt
Charles Bryant
H. S. Hamilton
Joel Hamilton
John Peebles
J. H. Peebles
Seth Thompson
David Peebles
Solomon Doty
Seth Chase
Joseph W. Wait
B. Porter
D. F. Norton
Stephen Rider
J.B. Pinkney
Warren Hamilton
H.M. Hamilton
Isaac Hamilton
E.C. Hamilton
Reuben Peebles
Lauren Pratt
H.B. Ten Eyck
A. A. Copeland
J. M. Brown
Mial C. Parker
P.D. Woodruff
H. H. Griffin
A.L. Chase
C.C. Barnes
Justus Norris
S.W. Patchin
Moses Wallis
Thomas Hoskins
Dwight C. Foster
Henry Dwight
Daniel Dwight
E. S. Smith
Theodore Foster
Jacob Doremus
S. W. Foster
N. C. Goodale
James Doremus
George P. King
J.A. Parks
G.C. Hall
Ira Spaulding Jr.
A.W. Davis
John Wheeley
Ira Spaulding
Leonard C. Parks
Milo Chamberlain
Freeman T. Lawrence
Aaron Lawrence
W. W. Willets
Ezra Fish
John Hoff
M. Lang
Leonard Noble
Daniel Cook
John A. Coniway
Philip Eaman