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Democracy In Illinois

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Judge Ralston, a self-tiominatcd candidate for Congress, lulely mude a speech at Jacksonvilie, Illinois, in which headvocaied the principies of the Democratie party, talked of civil liberty, its preservaiion and extensión; and descanted with much severity on the illiberaliiy of the present administration, its proscripiion for opinion's sake, fee. fee. At (he close of his speech Rev. J. Cross tcok occasion to ask him publicly his opinión on the extensión of civil liberty in the District of Columbia, his views of that proscription for color's sake, which manacles its viciims in the cüfllo of the inter-state slave trade, fee. - In reply, he assured them that he had no sympathy wiih the abolitionisis, he neither asked nor expected iheir support. II(; opposed all discussion of the exciiing topic in Congress - went for colonization,and saidofthe aboütionists, ihat they had "religión on theirlips, adagger in their hands, and heil in their hearts." Hovv much easier and more gratifying it is to revile one'sopponents than to answer their argumenta. The latter requires thought, lubor, nvestigation - the furmer can be practiced successfully by any oae who has a tongue and sufiicient biitcrness of feeling to keep it weit stocked with opprobiuus and blackening epiihets.