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Fracas Arrests Rise to 69

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Most Are Non-Students Fracas Ai rests Rise To 69 The 21 arrests made in the S. University area last night brought to 69 the number of persons jailed, in the two nights of disturbances. Among those arrested were 10 University students Tuesday night. Of those arrested last night, eight listed their occupa- tions as student. However, only nnp—Edward J. Johnson—is en- University, accord- 10 dii official at the U-M ords office. The n;siK's, ages, addresses and ' ons of those arrest- ed last night include: Regina L. Cooper, 22, of 212 Coach St., a clerk; Dr. Edward C. Pierce, 39, of 1409 Beechwood; Robert A. Galan" '". -' 1540 Creal Crescent who was released ning,); William F. Swai , of 1117 W. Washington, student; Ranee N. Teeple, 20, of Dear- born Heights, no occupation listed; James W. Flower, 44, of 123 W. Washington, no occupa- tion listed; Edward J. Johnson, 22, of 610 S. Forest Ave., a stu- dent; Randal M. Travis, 20, of 404 E. Forest Ave., a clerk; Anthony J. Machowski, 28, of 1325 S. University, an architect. Scott S. MacKay, 24, of 903 Granger Ave., a student; Wil- liam L. Ash, 27, no address giv- ; research assistant; Mark A. lid, 19, of 730 S. State, stu- dent; Paul A. Maisano, 17, of 535 Emerick, Ypsilanti, student; B a i r j Donabedian, 17, 420 Hamilton, no occupation list- ed: Kenneth V. Dabish, 18, Detroit, listed as writer; Douglas A. Lasher, 20, of 1025 Packard, no occupation listed; John R. Pittenger, 20, of 1107 Prospect, student; Gary D. Cooper, 19, of 212 Koch, stu- dent; Paul M. Atkinson, 28, of 549 Long Shore Dr., flight release clerk; James M. Paul, 20, of 601 E. William, student; and Chris M. Foster, 20, of Plymouth, unemployed. Anoth- er person, Juliana Spiess, 22, of 914 S. State, was arrested but later released. The 48 persons arrested Tues- day night were: Stephanie K. Hendrickson, 18, of 9630 Willow Ct; Donna A. McNiel, 19, of 503 Church; Del- ia J. Boice, 20, 825 Tappan; Jacqueline L. Evans, 21, no address given; John T. Staff, 21. of 825 Tappan; Thomas G. Pearce, 21, of 908 Sybil: Wil- liam W. Scott, 22, of 616 Church; Andrew M. Barbas, 21, oi Huntington Woods; Michael D. Wilson, 18, of 402 Michigan House, West Quadrangle; Michael W. McKereghan, 21, of 30S E. Madison; Edward L. Livingston, 17, of 2736 George- town Blvd.; Michael A. Dover, 21, of 3150 E. Michigan, Ypsilan- - ti- Michael W. Devine, 21, of 1018 Church. Steven P. Unger, 22, of 325 Braun Ct.; Jan R. Gross, 33, of 2312 Packard; Carroll G. McFadden Jr., 22, of 519 N. Fifth Ave.; Robert W. Putnam, 22, 305 E. Liberty; Nicholas C. Bertoni, 28, of 2000 Traver Rd.; Mary J. McCully, 18, of 2415 Faye Dr.; Scott P. Robinson, 20, of Albion; Lucius P. Hud- son, 21, of 1415 Cambridge; Robert A. Gustafson, 18, of 338 S. Ashley; Thomas Roland, 21, of 1513 S. University; Davis A. Gonzales, 22, of 638 N. Adams, Ypsilanti; Mary E. Robinson, 18, same address. Others a r r c Tuesday night were Rose \ i-niter, 19, of 1251 Red Leaf Lane, Ypsilan- ti; Linda J. Shorr, 18, and Ju- dith A. Jeska, 17, both of 812 E. Kingsley; Diane J. Bennham, 25, of 823 Sylvan; George B. Edwards, 18, of 1404 Linwood; Morrey Kramer, 26, of 520 For- est; Thomas M. Loeb, 19, of Southfield; John C. Wilson, 18, of Bowie, Md.; David S. Deni- er, 19, of Alien Park; Thomas L. Gregory, 19, of 2698 Pack- ard; Kent W. Livingston, 17, 2736 Georgetown Blvd.; Jeffrey A. Hoff, 24, of 533 Elizabeth; Gary :M v, 17, of 1444 Washington ni eights; and Greg- ory E. Nole, 17, of 2698 Pack- ard. Jack C. Albert, 22, 315 N. State: Lawrence C. Brown, 21, of 932 Mary St.; Eugene N. Gregory (alias Willie Lee Greg- ory), 17, of 2698 Packard; Aar- on T. Carson, 30, of 563 Hudson, Ypsilanti; Ralph E. Riley, 21, of 2264 Harding, Ypsilanti ; Michael R. Campbell, 25, of 1513 S. University; Carl F. Bol- linger, 19, Kalamazoo; and Erick J. Hansen, 17, of 3129 Lakehaven. Only 10 of the 48 persons arrested Tuesday night have been identified as University students. They are David L. Denier, Thomas M. T l Law- rence C. Brown, Jac' bert, Thomas G. Pc? lliam W. Scott, Andrew s r b a s , Michael D. Wilson, Michael A. Dover and Lucius P. Hudson.