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What Have You Done?

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Froni the begtnning of the Anti slavcry enterprise antil the present moment, this quesiion has been asked more frequcntly than any other, and in some minds, not ao cuslomed to look at the whole of the results, has doublless produced occasion?! despondency. A friend in Philadelphia made the best answer, when asked, "What have you ablititionistsdone? The colonizitionisls have done somethingj they have at least Iransported a few thousand negroes to África; but what have you done, except an uproar?" He replied, "Some men might choose to supply Philadelphia with water by corrying t to Fairmount in a gilí cup ; and if they worked with diligence, and had plenty of money to hire carriers, they might soon point toa barrel full, as the result of iheir labors. This the colonizationists are doing. Meanwhile, we abolitionists are laying the pipes, which shall conduct the water all over the city, and give evcry man the benefit of the whole reservoir."