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Special Meeting, Of The Michigan Wesleyan A. S. Society

Special Meeting, Of The Michigan Wesleyan A. S. Society image
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The undersigned hereby gives notice that tlicro wil] be a meeting of the above Society, held on the I8lh of day August next, at the Corners, six miles north-west of the villa ge of Flymouth, Wayne couniy, near the dweN lings of Rnfus Thaycr and Rev. Samue Bebens. The object of this meeting, nfter strengthening each others hearts and hands by the exchange of the frientily saluiation and the adoption of such preliminaries as usually take place at such meetings, to secure, it' deeroed practicable, certain important Amendments to our Conslitulion, eilher at this special meeting or at the next annual meeting: amendmenls, suppoeed by many, to nffect vitally the interests of Abolition in the Aíethodi3t"c!iurch. The mernbers of the Auxülianes, already formed; and members of tho M. E. Church; Abolitionists and Anti-' Abolilionists, and members of the VVeeleyan Methodist church, and al) othor churchee, who feel so dieposed, are invited to attend. I ani authorized to announce tbat ampie accomraodation8 will be provided for by the frietidd in the vicinity, for all who may attend. It is probable' the meeting will last 2 daye. Opening exercises will commence at 11 .o'clock, VVedneedp-y, 18th of August. V. MEEKER, Ree. Sec. July 6, 1841.