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Beautifully Said

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-We cut thelowing from one cf Mrs. Ciiild'd arlicles in the Standard. BE FA1THFÜL UNTO THE END. A Germán whoae scnse of sound was exceedingly acute, was passing by a church, a day or two after he had landed in this couniry, and the sound of rnusic attracted him to enter, though he had no knowledge ofour language. Tho music preved lo be a piece of nasal psalmody, sung in a most discordant fashion; and the eensitive Germán would fain have cov ered his ear?. As this was scarcely civil, and might appear like insanity, his next impulse was to rush into the open air, and leave the hated sounds behind him. "But this, too, I feared to do," said he, ulest offence might be given; so I resolved to end ure the torture with the best forti - lude I could assume; when lo! I distingutshed, amid the din, the soft clear voice of a woman, singing in perfect time. Lhe made no effurt toxlrown the voices of her companions neither was she diBturbed by their noisy discord; but patiently and eweetly ehe sang in full, rich tones; one after another yielded to the gentle influence; and before the tune was finished all wero in perfect harmonj'."I have oftcn thought ofthis story as conveying an inslructive lesson for reformers. Tho spirit that can thus smg patiently and sweetly in a world of discord, must indeed be of the strongest as well ae the gentlest kind. One can scarce hear his own soft voice amid the braying ot a multitude; and ever and anón comea the temptation to sing louder than thcy, and drown the voices that cannot thus be forced into perfect time. But this were a pitiful experiment; the melodious tones, cracked into ehrillnesa, would only increase the tumult. Stronger, and more frequently comes the temptation to stop singing, and let discord do its own wild work. But blessed are they thal endure to the end - singing patiently and sweetly, till all join in with oving acquieecence, and universal harmomony prevails, with forcing into submission the free discord of a single voice.