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Good News To The South

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1 he JNew York Sun, June 12, Speaking of the righls and institutions o( thc South, says : "Therc are none who would invade Ihem except a few "polhical harlcquins, oraddle-pated fanática," who having falled to render themselves conspicuous by eating bran bread, and preachingin favor of overy new andchildish scheme of social reform, hope to accomplish their object and gain notoriety by shoulir.g for the freedorn of the siaves,at a rnost cowanlly distance IVom the masters. Let "these silly and harmless creatures" carp on, until they are disgusled with their own noise: NO BODY WXLL HEED THEm!" This will be gndilying news to the slavéholdersj and therc will be only one drawback on their rejuicing: they willnot believe it. h is not probable the Sun, after having thussolemnlv pronounced judgement "on the silly and lmrmless creatures," called abolitionists, will ever degrade ilself by mentioning such"fanatics and harloquins." Let them carp on ! no body will heed them. The Sun doubtless intends to pursue the even tenor of its way in dignified and eternal silence, though Congress, and the Norlh and the Suuth,or even all the world should resound with their "disustin" noise !"'