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-The Washington Globesays that "the Democratie doctrine denies the right of any interierence, by discussion or othenvise, on the part of Congress, with matters pertaining to southern domestic institutions." Itseems, then,by this declaralion from head quarters, that Democracy isopposed to free discussion, and we must not only not discuss shivery, but cvery thing pertnining to it is forbidöen. This appears to be a plain avowal, that the Democratie party intend togo for the South, and for Congressional gag?, We predict that if they take this course, they wül in the end lind it a losing game. The folio wingfrom the Free Labor Advocate, Indiana, shos how they do up business at the West: OírA deputation from a polilical convention held at Williamsburg, last rnonth, will meet the people at Richtnond, on the 26th inst., at Centerville, on the 27th, at Washington on the 29th, at Cambridge on he 30th, at ten o'clock on each day, for the purpose of giving their reasons forsup)orting an independent ticket. Candidatea of all parties are requested to attend. The same paper contains a notice of a poitical abolition Convention in Logan Couny, Ohio. Lanson Curtia was norainated for Senator, and Henry Leggett for Represenlative, and suitable committees were apjointed to lecture and hold meetings in the counties of Logan, Champaign and Union.