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Appalling Calamity!

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We pubhsli londay, one of the most painful heart-rending and awful catastrophie's that has ever transpired in tliid country. - we refer to the burning of tho ill-fated Stcam boat Erie, and the loss of one hundreb Sí eventy persoms, who perished either by that releutless and cruel element fire - or souglit and found an asylum from tliose torturing and most excruciating writhings in a watory gravo. Safely moored in the harbor at Buffalo, the gay multitudo rushed on board the Erie; the hour of her departure arrived, the bell toilet!, she weighed anchor and was seeti dancing over the waves to her destined port; the happy company on board enchantcd by the sound of music - fancied themselves s;cure, rejoicing in prospect of a speedy re-union with those from whom they had for a timo been separated; - and otlters delighted with the thought of soon enjoying a newand pleasant home. But the fatal hour of ei glit arrived, and with it the boat in flames - the cry of fire is heard, and Captain Tiius rushes to the lndies' cahiti fur the Life Preservers, but all in vain; the die was cast; a sheet of fire - a walery grave - an enlerance upon thountried scènes ofeternN ty - all, all stared (hem in the face. Awful moment this - hut;bands and wives - parents and children - friends and acquaintances - frantic with desperation, slill making every effort in their power to extricate themselves and their friends from the awful dilemma in which they were unavoidably involved. But feeble and vain were their effbrts to qurll the raging element, or buffet the tremendous heavinga of the towering billows. But they are gone - a few only, in the Providence of üod were savcd to teil the sad tale, and adore the riches of that goodness that saved them in the hour of peril. The community is dressed in rnourning; a solemn sadness sits on every countenance, and all appear to say, from such an awful death may God deliver us, and for our final departure, may he prepare us. Mrs. Cobb and family of our village, has the sympathies of the eiUire community. Mr Cobb, who was among the number that were lost, was a kind husband, a discreetly fond pnrent, and a valuablo citizen : his loss is sensibly feit. How uncertain is human life - in the midst of which we are in death.