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Methodism Vs. Abolion

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Kev. Edward Smïlh, of Ohio, an able and devoted preaclier, has been tried by the Pittsburgh Conference or giving Anti-Sla very leclurcs, furming societies, circulating Zion's ratchman, and othcr kintlred hereBiea. The only tvvo charges sustained were, givingpublicity 10 thinga slandoroiis lespeciing the M. E. Church, and saying to a brother minister, hc would not takean appointraent in Virginia if tho Bishop werc to end iiim there. To the first he rcfused to plead for its indefiniteness, and where mattere were specified, he asked in vain for time to procure the witnesses necessary to disprovethospecifications. He was ndefinilely suspended from the work of the ministry. In reference to this transaction, the Emancipator remarks : The work of proscription and oppreson m the M. E. Cburch s likely to have "regular course, after the doiurS of the ate General Conference. By the operaon of as peculiar jurisprufcnce,one after anoiher of its pillars of noolinon among ts members are either cwíhed, or removed, orturned over to the 'her side. Unless there is a firm rally among the laymen of the church, we apPfeliend the pro-slavery party will soon taveitalltoihemselves.