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NOW OPEN: The 2012 Summer Game Shop!

Tue, 07/03/2012 - 11:20am by eli

COME ON IN! The 2012 Summer Game Shop is NOW OPEN, with new items, favorite items, mystery items and secrets yet to come! But first, we're proud to introduce our new standard items:

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Just visit the Summer Game Shop to browse our selection of amazing AADL premia! Need points? Just Get Started playing the Summer Game to earn points you can spend in the shop by using your library ALL SUMMER LONG!

If you were around last summer, you know this is only the beginning! There are mystery items yet to be revealed, super packages waiting in the wings, and if you've been paying close attentions, constant hints about some kind of SECRET SHOP coming later this month!

You can spend any available Summer Game points in the shop, even the ones you might have left over from Summer Game 2011, and you can pay from an extra player's points if you'd like! Please note that Points-o-matic points and Treasure Quest points are not Summer Game Points and don't count towards your available shop balance, which is shown right there at the top of your player page for your reference. Shop orders are filled weekly, so watch your email or phone for a notification that your order is ready for pickup, then just ask for your order at the desk at your chosen pickup location!

Enjoy the Summer Game shop, and THANKS FOR PLAYING!


I wonder if the mystery prizes are the same as last year... I hope not, I hope they are BETTER!!!! Oh and do I want those headphones though that would be spending most of my points :(

When are the mystery items going to be revealed? Is it going to be weekly, like the badge drops?

Also, I can't choose between the messenger bag and the tote bag. I don't really bike, though. I'm leaning toward the tote bag because my friend has it and it seems REALLY cool. But, the messenger bag seems more convenient. Any suggestions?

I think the messenger bag just looks cooler, but the logo tote bag is cool too. I'll probably buy one of both. (I know, I'm not really conservative of my points.)

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I don't know, but it doesn't really matter I guess, because I don't spend that much time on summer games (so much other stuff to do).

The messenger bag looks nice, but what are the dimensions? I have ( and like!) the tote bag from last year, but the messenger bag would be more useful when biking.

I will happily wait to see the mystery items as the summer progresses. I am interested in the headphones, if only so I can hand them to my younger daughter who doesn't do so well with ear buds.

@Zhengyang - At least it only says "Temporarily out of stock" so I'm guessing that means they're ordering more of them. They must have been more popular than anticipated!

@cherylo: Great minds think alike. :)

I'll probably get a messenger bag, since last year I got at least three of the tote bags. (The handle broke on one of them, though. Too many heavy library books, I guess.)

Already ordered the mousepad/puzzle thing! I couldn't resist :P

I just bought a pair of headphones!
(there goes 15000 points)

and the one piece puzzle/ mouse pad (another 2000 points)

Wasn't there going to be an awesome, cool shop opening at the same time as the Summer game shop for point-o-matic points?

It occurs to me that the messenger bag would make for a good Pokemon trainer bag for cosplay.

There are some neat looking items this year. I am looking forward to seeing what some of the mystery packages are this year, as well as the special shop.

I've never played the summer game before, and the stuff looks nice, especially that messenger bag. How is the quality on the items?

@SBNB, I got the tote bag and water bottle last year in one of the combos. The tote bag has held up all year (it is now my primary bag for library trips, because I got a RFID library card on carabiner with it). It's some kind of synthetic material, but mine hasn't cracked or developed holes. The water bottle is like one of the aluminum bottles that you pay big bucks for if you pay for a brand name (e.g. SIGG) but are fairly common as promotional items these days. So basically, the quality is pretty good. But I'm also wondering about the messenger bag (new this year), especially what size it is!

@SBNB: The quality is quite good. I, too, use the tote bags from last year as one of my primary bags for carrying stuff to and from the library/work. It holds up well even under the strain of the larger books like art books and such.

The messenger bag seems to be made out of the same type of material. It doesn't really seem to be any bigger than the totes, but the addition of the longer strap for cross-body wear seems like a huge plus to me! I'm looking forward to using it to take my holds home today.

Thanks for all the info on the quality! I didn't think they would be poor quality, I was just wondering because it is hard to tell from pictures. I got the messenger bag and the travel mug today, and both are very nice (especially the travel mug). The messenger bag is simple, but the marterial seems to be strong. My only wish is that it had zipper.

I think I probably over used it (and checked out too many heavy nonfiction books from the library,) but of the four AADL tote bags I have, the handle broke on one of them. So try not to overfill it or carry things that are too heavy, because even nice bags don't like that.

I'm waiting to spend my points, too. I don't want to miss out on anything like those big combination packs they had last year. I'll feel foolish if I end up with doubles. Also, I got a tote bag last year and it was of really good quality.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

I love these items and especially their descriptions! Nice choices.

But what about those who joined your team? I'm guessing either no one joined yours, or way too many joined.
Volunteering? Sounds nice.

Actually, I have about 6 people on my team. My friend asked me this, and I didn't know the answer, so I decided to ask here. Does anyone know if you can?

Re: Morgsush and Zhengyang1022
Use the 'Contact Us' link and select the topic as 'Summer Game'. Or, at least, that's what I did. Orders are filled on Thursdays.

And, it's Friday. Where are all the badges?

Love the new prizes so far can't wait to see some of the mystery priizes over the course of the game.

Hey morgsush, there's isn't a button to delete your team, but we can delete a team for you, just contact us to let us know the details.

So glad everybody likes the prizes, can't wait for you guys to see what we've got in store!

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Re: Rin
Seems like companies like to "advertise" here (last time there was a comment about handbags).
There are some adults playing the Summer Game (cherylo for one).

Thank you everyone for not commenting up to 100 or so. Had a nice time at Niagara, even if I had to sit through 5 or 6 hours in car. I'm saving my points for the mysteries, if I like them. I also want the messenger bag, hope they don't run out.

My family drove to Niagara Falls once on the way to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousin in Boston. It was pretty impressive, but being tired from the car ride definitely took some of the excitement away.

@cherylo: I used my messenger bag for the first time yesterday to take my holds home from the library. I was able to fit about 7 decent-sized books in it and the strap was plenty long enough to easily wear it cross body (and I'm a pretty large female). I have not tested out the headphone grommet yet.

As for how a teen would find it, I'd say it depends on what type of activity they'd be using it for. I don't think it'd be big enough to use as a schoolbag, for example, because I don't think you could fit more than about 2 textbooks in it (and in my experience, they usually have more than that to bring home for homework!). But for carrying miscellaneous things around, it would probably work just fine.

It is the same material as the totes so it's pretty sturdy and does have a nice handle to carry it with if you don't wish to use the strap. I'm pretty happy with it so far. :)

Hope that helps you!

@bookbird: I lived for a year in Buffalo so I would drive to see the falls a lot. The best days were the days when the weather conditions were just right and you could literally watch the mist from the falls form clouds. That's a pretty fascinating thing to watch. :)

I've said this like a lot but the laptop I'm using doesn't allow me to get into the shop or POM. Also the display page for the stuff (books, videos, etc.) is weird. I truly do not know what's wrong. :(

So random, but remember the Great Scott badge from last year? I'm pretty sure I found the book part for it, but I can't see the code. There's even a spot, if you scroll down, that says "Game Code", but nothing's under that. Where's the game code?

Why did you even go looking for the Great Scott badge form last year? Did you get it last year? I just checked it, it seems to be there. Is the code you don't have start with a P?

Actually I found a book that has the "Game Code" thing on the left side when you scroll down, but there's no actual game code. It goes directly from "Game Code" to "Tags". I don't know if it's a glitch or something else...

can't wait for the items to come! ordered my messenger bag today, how often do they send these presents to each branch? weekly?

Received my first summer game order when I came into work yesterday. It's always such a nice surprise to find that waiting for me! I'm looking forward to trying out the new messenger bag and the headphones.

Nice job on all the descriptions (which are hilarious) and the choice of prizes!

My daughter is so excited to try and save up enough points for the bear (she's 6 - so this is a really big motivator!). I'm waiting for a return (hopefully) of the RFID tags.

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RFID = Radio Frequency Identification. It's the radio tags in the books that make the self-checkout stations very easy to use. (The actual RF tag is under a slightly bulky AADL sticker in the item you are checking out.)

Last summer, there were a number of "Magic Bag" prizes on offer in the shop...the magic part is that it had an RFID tag on a square of cardboard clipped on. That tag encodes the purchaser/winner's library card number. There's also a bar code sticker that is the same as the barcode on the regular library card. But the RFID is great because I just have to wave the tag over the self-checkout to log in, instead of dig my library card out of my wallet, if I have my tote bag with me. 9yr old son wants the RFID tag too. He thinks it will be sooooo easy to check out with the tag, and since he is usually the one to scan our items, it will definitely be useful for him.

Re: Bookbird
Yeah, I had that happen to me once last year and it said that the item was out of stock (I hadn't realized that they didn't have any more of the item), so I was unable to get the item.

I wonder when the new stuff will be revealed. The opening was last Tuesday so I've expecting it today.

I got the magic bag last year, but the RFID is falling apart. Mom made me buy t-shirts and hats for the family and my grandparents too, so i was short a few points of getting the BIG PRIZE because of that. Not happening this year! :)

Good for you Bookbird! I actually asked the summer game staff to transfer some of my points to family members last year so we could all get magic bags. My point being you should know that point transfers for purchases have been allowed; you have to ask for someone to do it manually, though. If I were in your shoes I might ask for a loan repayment. ;-)

I think I'll just wait for all the prizes to come out, then buy. If something I wanted ran out, I WILL literally bombard the staff with restocking requests so much that they just might have to block, or spam me.

Be nice to the staff, please, Bookbird! They work hard on the game. If there's something you have to have, you maybe should just get it.

IIRC, the big package included one of nearly everything else in the shop ( not chocolate though ), and the penultimate silver included most of them too.

"IIRC, the big package included one of nearly everything else in the shop ( not chocolate though ), and the penultimate silver included most of them too."

That's what I remembered. I'm really excited this year because I have a chance at getting one of the big ones this time :)

I got an RFID tag last year, but then it stopped working (the metal wires in it broke.) Luckily, I got two of them, so one still works. (My mom wants me to get her one this year so she can just put it in her wallet and not worry about finding her library card anymore.)

I think I just have bad luck as far as items staying intact goes.

Argh. I am agonizing about the messenger bag. On the one hand, I would sure like to have one and make it my RPG bag...load it up with my Babylon 5 manuals and my dice bag and a pencil or two. On the other hand, I suspect that one or more of the super packages will include a messenger bag, and I am definitely gunning for one of the big packages for prestige reasons. I don't want to deprive someone else of a bag because I take two of them, but I don't want to miss out either. Argh.

I'm looking foreword to seeing what's in the mystery packages too. Meanwhile, I'm having a heck of a time with the Peanuts badge. That is really a tough one. I've got all the answers except for 3 of them. I'm getting carpal tunnel over here from scrolling and clicking. LOL. It's fun though.

@Messa: Do you know which ones you are missing? Do you want any help pointing you in the right direction? I know with the new "hint" system it's not quite as necessary to ask for help here in the comments, but thought I'd offer if you want it.

Ok, this is going to sound dumb, but where do you get the codes to complete the badges? I understand the clues, but where do I go from there? Is it imprinted in the hard copy of the book/movie/CD/etc?

@VickyB77: They're not in the hard copies. They're in the online catalog for those records. Most of the codes are along the left side of the record down by the lists of "subjects" and "Tags". A few of the codes are mixed in the "Additional Details" portion of the record, in which case what you're looking for is in all caps. I hope that helps!

VickyB77 , the codes can be found in the online catalog listings. When you find the right item, the codes are generally listed in the left column. Occasionally the code is a bit of text that is described by the clue (e.g. the first word on a particular page, a track listing), but that is more rare.

Edit: jinx vlong!

Can someone explain to me how the Treasure Quest keys work? Is findind the keys different than finding the game codes for the badges? Thanks :)

So for treasure quest, there is this "key" in the catalog and you have to use the riddles to find it. After you find the "key" item, there will be a riddle and then you'll have to use Google to find out what the game code is. It is much harder since it doesn't say "Here is the game code" and you have a lot of possibilities. After you find the game code for the key item, you use the new riddle to find the "gate" in the catalog. Basically you just do that for everything. Oh and the treasure is usually something that is encrypted.

JKrygier, new developments for the Summer Game come out every Saturday (or late Friday). Therefore, I would expect the mystery items to begin coming out this coming Saturday or possibly the Saturday after that.

Can someone give me clue on the Tamagotchi portion of the 90s badge? I clearly am not the child of the 90's I thought I was! I've been searching multiple ideas but have had no luck so far..... Thanks!

I have a suggestion for next year's summer game prizes - I think it would be cool to be able to buy coffee beans (perhaps ones locally roasted?) in the Summer Game shop.

Maybe you can help by finding a local roaster willing to donate for some prizes, @fairytale? And now I'm trying to think of businesses that might like to donate for the summer game that I can hit up, um, I mean request donations from.

Also, my teen would TOTALLY want to drink coffee. I have to make her stick with decaf.


My seven year old daughter would take coffee, too. I let her try a sip a few years ago and she loved it, when I expected her to hate it and stop asking to have some. To keep her from asking for coffee everyday I made a rule that she can only have coffee decaf) on her birthday, and she accepts that without complaint.

The only way I'll drink coffee is if it's filled with cream and sugar, and even then, I'd much rather have some tea (which I hate putting cream and sugar in).

the item descriptions are some of the best things I have ever read
and I have read a lot of things

Sorry to post here but I have sent two emails regarding a problem with the game I am having (one was sent last week), and I have received no reply. Would it be possible to follow up? Thank you.

FYI, I called Shakolad to ask whether the dark chocolate prize is non-dairy, and they said that it is non-dairy. Just in case it matters to anyone. I myself am still hesitating to buy it. I worry I will want something from one of the upcoming Secret Shop iterations and will have spent too many points to get whatever it might be.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't look at the shop and the mystery items I want are sold out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I demand for milk chocolate restock! and super summer game prize restock!

Mwahaha... I bought them the day they came out, along with the penultimate prize (I bought that and the supreme summer game master prize. Sue me; I have enough points anyways). :D

ROAR. Duplications...

@acomai: I just ordered it this morning as well. :) Looking forward to it. :)

And I, too, think one of the mystery prizes is going to be an umbrella based on the description. :)

The description gives clues as to what the item is in the shop. I think one of them is a umbrella, too.

I really want to see what the mystery prizes are. I think that some of the prizes are really cool.

I think that the chocolate imprint looks really fun, and it makes you want to get it!

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@Bookbird: I think that it's a pretty good size piece of chocolate. 4 in x 4 in is a pretty decent size square and worth the points. :) I just received mine yesterday. I haven't eaten it yet tho' cuz the design's just so cute. Hehe.

Love it

I really want to see what the mystery prizes are. I think that some of the prizes are really cool.

i think gxl already wrote about computer/internet problems.... I bought both chocolates, took pictures of their cuteness, and ate half the milk chocolate.

Thanks AADL; I love all my gifts. And I love the summer reading program. Keep up the good (great, fabulous) job. Your staff are the best. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay for chocolate re-restock: dark for me, milk for my son. Too bad I missed out on the umbrellas - the partly cloudy blue sky interior is quite clever!

@slugwhisperer if you read the most recent original summer game post, at the blog at, it states that the game is over at Midnight this coming Friday (that is the deadline for earning points), and that orders can be created for a couple of weeks after that, and that orders must be picked up by October 5.

I feel happy, I finally found a way to get into the Summer Games Shop, the system for internet explore wasn't compatible. Now I can use Google Chrome to get on, so happy, but I probably can't get anything anymore cause I've got most of the stuff I want and all the other stuff I want are sold out. :(

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