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The Attack.--no 1: For The Signal Of Liberty

The Attack.--no 1: For The Signal Of Liberty image
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I he spint of bigotry, misrepresentation, and falsehoodstill livës n our land. The world is, by no meuns, sanctified, The true spirit that led Michael Servelus to the stake, and, for conscientious opinion's sake, kindled the fire and set the faggot, slill lingers to do her work of rcvctgtful villainy and dcath. It is true that neither at Gcneva, nor yet in our own belovcd country, are men at this moment lashed to the stake,and for daring to think for themselves, burncd to death - Calvin is dead - the painful tortures oí Servetus are over - the fires have gone out. But we have reason to fear that ihe spirit by which ihis revengeful ar.d disgraceful transaction was prompted, to some exlent, liko iSlijah's rnantle, has fallen upon one of his sons. Not long since, [ saw in the "Signal of Liberty" an anide, written by a young Presbyterian brolhcr, in which the sweep ing declaratio;i was made, that sof ar as fke ruling principie ofaction was concerncd, theM. É. Church in the United States will bear comparison with the darkest days of Popery' I thoughr, when first I learned the author of the article, and still think the sa.-m;, that f it was true that there was corruption in the M. E. church, he was the last man to have soundtd the locsin. Subscrihing as I do lo the sentiment that those wlio live ra g!as hoiiscs would do well not throw stoncs. I were favorably slruck with the odvice of the Saviour to llie Pharisee, " first cast out the beam out of thine eye and tlien shall thou sec clenrly tocas', the mote outof tliy brother's eyo,1" csp-.cially as there were those in thatcotnmittcc mucli more competent to the work :han Mr. F,, and for whom it would have been nïuch more becoming to have "cast the first stone," but it shows most clearly vvhat feeling ór ppirit moves his ireast. - Í would ask our } oung editor Mr. F. if "the M. E. Church, in the Uniled States bears comparison with ihe darkest days of Popery," wilh what does the Presbytcrian church in the United Slates, boar comparison.Does our young lioro think that ho will rendcr himsclf useful to the world by calumnialing and slandering that church that has stood instrumentally tb re most in the promotion of the great revival of religión ti) it has heen in progresa these fifty ycars; and to wliich the very church oí' which he is a rnembcr is indebted under God for whalevcr of spirUuáíity they possess?- If this is lus object, 1 would advisc him lo try hts skill somcwliere else. The M. E. Church, like the gallant manof- war in the grcat fleet sent by our Lord, has stood the winds and storms of opposilion and persccution for more than a century past, starting ihe man of sin fiom some of hts moststrongly fortified rclrcats, accomplishing the object fur which she was caMed out in the providence of God, and which she continúes to move on in the sphere of her uscfulncss accomplishing the conversión of hundreds and thousandü of sinners annually. I would suggest to the Executive committec that if they wish to disafFect the minds of this community towards the M. E. Church in the United States, that thcy commit this very important department to the management of somo one who is better able lo conceal his ultraism - some one better acquainted vith the history of the M. E. Church in the United State.0, than Mr. F., and also to the hands of some ouc that may be associated with some brancli of the visible church, confcssedly more spiritual than the M. E. Church. For until thcn the community will be slow to beliove that the "M. E. Church in the United States will well bear comparison with the darkest days of Popery."i5ui wny is ii wc asu umi wc are mus repealedly chaiged in the Signal wiih corrupiion? Why are we thus publicly held up to ihe coimnunity as unworthy of confidence and respect? Why, forsooth, as the editor teil lis, the Baltimore conferenco passed a rcsolution that they wero opposed to the measure of abolitionists and thut the Michigan conference also resolved "that thosc preachers that took a course calculaíed lo injure our oificirl periodicals have violated thcir obligation to the chuich and should he dealt with accordingly," and these are some of the strong evidences of the corru;ton uf the Methodist E. Church in the United States pointed out by Mr. F. Does it follow that becauso I ma y see differently from you in referenco to the meásure by ivhich toaccomplish any great political matter, or thai because I will not introduce n man into my family,give liim iniluence there and sufl'er him unrcbuked to use tlml iniluence to niy injury and theinjury olmy tarnily, that 1 am greatly corrupt and that I ougln to be held up to the public as unworthy of the confidence and respect. Most certainly not. Neilher doea it folloW according to our way of viewing things because the Baltimore conference passed a resolution that they were opposed to the measure of abolitionists or because the Michigan conference also resolved that those preachers who took a course calculated to injure our official periodicals shall be considcring as having violated their obligations to the church and shall be dealt with Hccordingly that 'the Methodist E. Church in the United States, will well compare with the darkest days of Popery.' But perhaps Mr. F. has some new work on Logic by the rules of which, according to his mode of induction froin these pretnises he can draw thisísion, we leave community to judge whelh" [er il is correct, whether it can be dráwfl ! from the premises and vvéhave no tear tbr ( the result. Indeed I have not noticed tlns article because I liad any fears that any who werc acquainted with the standing and avowcd principies of the Methodist E. Church, would be the least disaflected towards us, but pnncipally and mainly to cali the attention of all to the üict,.that the same spirit of revenge and monopoly that put to death the Quakers at Boston, in the regular natural line of succession, has been perpetuatcd, and that ever and anón visible exhibitions of it ure seen in this faroff