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Great Western Convention

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VVo learn that the third Wednesday in October, 1841, is the time fixed on for hoM ing the great Wesleyan Anti-Slavery Convention at Cincinnatti, Ohio. Tho friends tliere, it is said, will cheerfully accommo date 400 delegates, free from expense. No time should be lost! Meetings shouk be held, all over the West, for the purpose of appointing delégales; and every abolition ist in the M. E. Church, throughout that vas rfgion of country, should immediately de cide to attend, or write to the convention, i I it be any way possible. And not ourfriends of the West, merely but we hope letters of npproval and encouragement will be sent from the East, Nortl and South ; and from our friends in the West Indies. The Great Western Convention.' There must be a genoral rally! The ball must be kept in motion - the people must bu gathered! And to this end, wc expect all the antislavery papers, far and near, will publish this notice. We expect our sub6cnbers at the West will procure its inserlion in their local papers - we expect the brethren in the ministry, and the class leaders and members and friends, one and all, will mako one "strong pull, a long pull, and a pull altogeiher!" It' each one does his duty, it will bo the greatest and best meeting for the ooor slave, ever held in this country, We lenow of some those of weather-boaten farmers of the Westj and vvo believo the sequel will show that they are ready for this great and good work. [Zion's Walchman.] tf