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Poetry: Christian Calmness Disturbed

Poetry: Christian Calmness Disturbed image
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Published in the Scottish Christian Herald on February 8, 1840.

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We w.alked by the side of the trnnquil etraam, Thattho sun had tinged with his parting hparn, The water was stil], and so crystal clear, That eyery spray had its image there. And cyory reed that o'er it bowed, And, the crimson streak, and the silvery clo.ud ; And,sll that was bright, and all that was fair, And tvll that was gay, was reflected there. And they said it was üke the chastened breast Tha,t Religión sooths to a holy rest, When sorrow has taraed the impassioned eje, And. the bosojn reflecta, its expacted eky. But I look a stone that loy beside, And Qagt it far on the glassy tide; And gone was the charm of a pictured scène, And tho sky eo hright, and the landscape gieen. And ï bade.then; mark how an idle word. Too. lightly said, and too dceply heard; Or a rash reproof, or a look unkind, May 8j).oil th,e poace of a heavenly mind. Thaqgh swcet b.e the pcace, and holy tho caito, And tn,e heavenly beam be brighl and warm, The h,eart that it gilds ia all aa wcak As th9 wave tlutt reflecte the crimson sti;eak. You cannot impede the celestial ray That lighta the dawn of elernal day; But 60. rnay you trouble the boaom it cheers; 'Twill cease to be true to the image it bears.