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British Sympathy For Laborers

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working man recently feil f'roni a buíldin near Q'jeea Victoria, and was dashed t Jeath in her sight. The London Glob says of it, 'We are happy to state that tho her Majesty was much alarmed and ex cited, no permanent injury in her Mrtjes ty'a health is likely to result." This i like the wuman whose lap dog bit a piec out of a v3Ítor's leg, "Poor, dear littl thing," said his mistress, I hope it will no make himsick! - N. Y. Herald. Or like the Edilor of the Florida pape we quoted a few weeks since, whosaid - with the heading lo his paragraph of lAwful Occurrence? - 'A íew nights since we Ieurn,l2 negroes belonging to the Rev Wesley Adams were bumt to death. The loss to Mr. Adams is truly severe and distressitig. and he has the sympathyqfa largecircle offrie-ids." - Penn. Freetnan (C"Flcuu in iNew ïork', A.ig. 17, was ttorth $ü,50. Michigan wheat it) selling in Rochester for $1,09 per bu3hol