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The proceedings of the Senatorial and County Conventions will be found in another column. A more fearless, independent looking 6et of men, we never saw. Tliey werejust the persons to orignate and susain an independent nomina tion. The candidates they have selected to rep esent them for intel ligence, eound judgement, integrity, and public spirit, will weil pompare with any nominationa which have ver been made for the same situations, ond n regard to their moral character3 so far as we know, they are perfecly unexceptionable. They are all devoted friends of temterance, practical business men, and most of thetn have resided many years among us, and are generaljy vvell known. Mr. Kenney of Webster, some two years since, was a representativo from this County in the Legislature, and Mr. Matthews, we beheve, has served hia föl{ow citizens for several years accoptably as a county officer. The views and feelings of Uip Convention were generally liarmonious, and doubtless all were etrengthened, by meeting together, in their determinaron to resist that power which not only crushes the negro, but which has actually taken away one of the riglits which belong to all the freemen of the North. Mr. Gay, of Livingston, made a few very happy remarks on this point, showing how ihe Whigs had redeemed thoir promises, made befoie election, that they would go for the right of petition, and would repeal the Abolition gag. They had kept their promiae by repealing the Abolition gag, and Uien in posing a similar one upon the whole natiou! a measure which had never before been attemptcd since wo became a people. This was a specimen of Ihe reforma we shouh continue to have, which ever party might be in power, so long as the slaveholders govern ed the nation, and dictated to our Northern pohticians, by their threatening and insolence, the course the nation must pursue.