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Driving Business In Congress

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On Friday, Aug. 13, n the Senate, Mr, Sevier moyed that when the Senate adjourjied,itshould be till Monday. The object was understood tp be to viait the Delaware, ship oí the line; now lying noar Annapolis. Objections being made, the motion was withdrawn. In theHouse, Mr Sergeant offered a similar motion, understood to be for the same object. Mr. Árnold said he thought this no time for a jubilee, ana he asked the yeag and naya which were taken: yeas 112, nays 49. So the resoJution was adopted. On Saiurday, August 14, the Senate sat with a bare quorum, and did nothing ot any consequence. Several senators, the merobers ofthe House, and all the Heads of Department went to Annapolis, by thé Rail Road, to visit the Delaware 74. But the Pre&derü and his family did not go, altho' the visit had been specially arranged for Jatñi Thia circuiiistanco was deemed quite full ot meanin.g. According to the appropriation made for defraying the expense of the extra session, the cost to the nation ctinnot be Ies9 than S6.0Q0 or g7,000 every doy. This expense comes ulllmately out of those who labor. - So that the laboréis of the nation paid the amount of 7,000 days' work to the members of Congress, at the nite of 8 dollars per daY thatthey might go out on a pleasuro excur siou. On a former occasion, the House ad journed from Thursday to Monday, for the purpose of attending the Races. So the papers say. Yet how commonly do we see euiogizing nilice3 in the partizan pipers, of the extraordinary zeal and diligence of the national legislature in despatching business.