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Brethren Attend!

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During the r.o:;' 'hree rnor.lh, a large oumber of the Signal ought to 'bö $ifcuite] Lhrough the State. It devolyea on xov to do it: and to Bhovvyou that wc are disposed to do our part, the Executive Committee will furni8h the Signal of Liberty for twelve weeks, for the low price of (LrTWENTYF1VE CENTSJCJ1 being just one half of the subscripción price. II o w many are tlicre in your neighborhood? Look around you and see! Look among the abolitioniate who do not take a paper, That will not do ! - None so poor that he cannot pny two shillings! Whon you have secured them, look among Whigs and Democrats. You will rlnd many of tliem wliosc curioeity is all on edgo to know what is going on among the incendiarles, and they can añbrd to pay two í-:il!ings for theirknowledge. Besides, they hrivo a very great interest at stake, which will be ilecided, in a few weeks, QCf3 by a very fkw i-otcs-cI) If you examine it carefully, you will iind that we aleo, have a deep interest in the reault ot the election - Do not vvait fur one anomcr but send i?i the moncy.