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To The Freemen Of Michigan

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Friknds and Fkllow Citizens: -In reading the addresses, the ovcnvholming political ascend.mcy of the slave power in this nation, which is brotight 4o view, and tlio consequent degradation and vassallnge of the northern people (all of ivliich have heen kopt from the people for political capitul by the leat'ing presses and Iëading puliticians of both the pro-siavery partios) should indeed excite no surprist! while IS slave States hold a political representntion in the national counela for their millio-3 of ''human chaiteh." PiTjudice, party, ecclesiasticnl, pecuniary and commercial interests have long deluded the body of the non hem people unwittingly to coacede their most sacred constitutional rights and liberties to the haughty demands of the great Southern Muloen-, - The fiager rivalry by various method, both open and covert, of lito national pro-s!avery purtieá throtigh their leaders at the North,' to ingratiate themselves and their parties into the favor of s'layeholdirig poliiicians has long been as uttonishing as it haa been alaruung. But is alarming aa it haa been to the enhgluened philanthropist and patriot it should not have been èqrprising to the historian who sees that parties and individuals ia every age and country have slopped at nplhing, hovvever unjust and oppressive to the people to graso and retain power. The body of the people ia this and every country have alyavá been hottest and confiding, while unprineipled, politica! or ecclesiastical demagogues and tyranta have deceived them and led Ihem on to ruin. Who must natsec that had ik t the people of the. non slavehold'mg States (being doublé the number of that of the slave StatesJ been in a 6tate of political vassalage to the controlling 8lave power of the natío, they would have been allowed a President of the nation from among their TVVO FOLD kdmbb? at least more than 1L out of 5Lyears, and a speaker of the House of Reproseutativea more than 30 out of the last '2 yoars, and otlier nalional offices nnd chairmen of committces in a mitch largar ratio than they have ever been allowed to hojd by their sJavchoiding dictator.] [Jad not the "chivalrous" south been determined tooïteep the people of the north in a state of political vassalage, would 6he for a period of 20 years (fruin Ici6 to lübG,) have giyen 515 electoral votes and llonly of this wiiole nuinber for any north.ern candidate for the Presid;ncy? If slaveliolüers by the rnnnstrous political tnjustice öf their voting for the millions of their wreichfid slaves, &nd the ever liniely aid of their northern servile abetlors do not intend to keep the great mass of the loboringpopulation of the North in darkness and vassalage to their ill golten and wicked political power, vvhy do they ngidly insist on keeping their gag n our moijths, on a 6ubject of far greater moment than any other that ever came before the nation] If the rival prolavery poliiicians have not these designs pon the liberties of the people, wiiy ia it that in all their roovetnents they constantly play into the hands of the relentless elave power that is crushing all the blood-bought rights and liberties of the great mass of the people of the Norlh, as under the wheels of Juggernaut? It matters little while this voracious povvr remains upon us, what Bystem of finance we are permitted to have, for this never-reUnting and never-to-be-satisfied power,holds atit3 cruol'and despolicyill, the sword, the purse and the President of this misnamed lepublic. Friends and fellovv countrymen 8'iall we indeed despair of the redemption of the slave and conaequently the liberties of our country, or shall we as philanthropists and patriots, arise as one man, and indepen dently and unitedly act for the oppressed, forourselves, our chÜdren and our country?