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Liberty Tickets

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WA YNE C O UNT Y NOMINA TION. _ senator - First Senatorial District. AIITHUR L. PORTER, of Detroit. RErRKSKNTATIVES. CHARLES IJ. STEWART, Detroit, HOR ACH IIALLOCK, do F1IRAM BETTrf, Rcdford, ANTHONY PADDOCK, Livonitt, GLODE D. CI1ÜBB, Nankin, RüFUíá THAYER, Phjmouth. FOR COUNTY CüJIMISSIONfÍR. THEODATUS T. LYON, Phjmouth. WASIITENAIV NOMINA TION. senators - Second Senatorial District. MUNN1S KENNY, of Wathtenaw, EDVAKD F. GAY, of Livingston. REPRESENTATIVES. SAMUEL VV. FOSTER. of Scio. JÜSTUS NORRIS, of Tpsiianti, SAMUEL DUTTON, of Pittsfield. FRANGÍS M. LANSING,, Lodi. ROBERT EDMUNDS, of Saline. JOHN PEEBLES, of Salem. FOR COUNTY COMMISS10NER. RUFUS MATHEWS, of Northfield. JACKS O.V CO. NOMIJYATIO.X. senators - Fourth Senatorial District, REl'RESKNTATIVES. SEYMOUR B. TREADWELL, Jackson. ROSWELL B. REXFORD, of Napoleon. THOMAS McGEE, of Concord, FOR COUNTY C0MMISS10NER. REÜBEN II. KING, of Rivcs. O A KL AND CO UN T Y NOMINA TIOJV senators - Sixth Sawtorial District, W1LLÏAM G. STONE, of Troy. ROBERRT McKAY, of Oxford. RErRESENTATIVES. JOHN THAYER, of Farmingtom FITTS PHILLIPS, of Southjidd. HENRY WALDRON, of Troy. GEORGE SUGDEN, of White Lukc. IIORACE STOWELL, ofHighland. JOSEPH MORRISON, of Pontiac. KA L A MA Z 00 CO. NOMINA TION. senators - Fifth Senatorial District. REPRESEN TAT1VES. A. H. EDVVARDS, Esq. DELAMORE DUNCAN, Eeq. FOR COüNTY C0MMIS3IONEB. ALBERT G. TOVVERS. INGIIAM k.E4 TON COUNTY N OM INATIONS. senators - Fourth Senatorial District. REPRE8ENTAT1VE. D. W. LOCKWOOD.