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Responsibility Of Voters

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-The People'sAdvocate gives a synopsis of the debate in Congresq, in which members denounced Prceident Tyler as a miserable wretch," Francis Granger as "a black hearted abolitionist," and all abolitioniats as worthy of having "the mark of Heil set upon them," and adds the following spirited remarks upon the source of such disgraceful scènes. Such are the doingsof the Legislatureof a civilized - an enlightend nation, - a nation boasting of iia liberty and republicanism! We are Btck at heart as we read auch things. Why the heathen Senators of Rome, or the Democratie multilude ofsemi oarbarous Greece, never stooped to such base and abandonad blackguardism as this. Xt is unparalleled n the hiatory of legialation, and it assures us that revolution s at hand, unless a timely reform shallavert the dangcr. Good men, if God's mercy has left any good men among us, will ask by what meana such a state of things exists; yet few we fear will be ready to apply the remedy. We can easily fiad the source of the evil if we wil!. It lies just here, that men who profess to fear God are the slaves of party and vote for tñe most unprincipled. and God abandoned of their race,because they are "regularly nominated" by the party. The great mass of christians, when they go to the polls have no fear of God beibretheir eyes. They do not think of being governed by moral principies in politics. They vote for drunkards and rumscllers, and adulterers, and profane swearers, and slaveholders, as readily as they would for Paul or Darnabas, and then sleep sweetly over iheir deed of darkness; as though they had done God service. When the torch Of revolution blazes through our land - when the ashes of our town8 are trampled by the nfuriate mob, and the cry of rapiñe and blood goes up to heaven frora amidst the devastation, let these men know that they have done it. The men who in Congrcss, or the executive department, now disgrace the nation, are not sa much to blame as those who voted to put them in that conspicuous position. Oh y e chris tians! who ihus enthrone the Prince of Darkness, and shout in triumph over his 8ucccsses was it to fit ye for euch recrcancy that yc were sealed and babüzed, with he blood of the Redecmer! Did ye take he vow8 of God upon you to become the obsequious supporters of such tramplers of His law as Atherton and Tyler? There must be reform - not the substiution ofone evil for another - noti&i iuu luiwiui, 111,11 pi uv ut) ns Y ICKcCIllCSS by bringing its curse close on the heels of its triumph - but a reform that will exalt moral principie and the fcarofGod above "availübility" nnd "regular nominutions." That reform must be achievcd, not by those whocan look nohiglier than an office and no further than a mnjority in a contested election; but by men svho feel their relation to eternal things, and who would conserve the moral interests of the country for years to come. It must be wrought out by tiloso who deern it their highesi honor to abide by principie, leaving the consequences t0 him who fixed the principie - in a word by Abolitionists. Tiiis is their day. The lime has como for them to strike for Liberty. There has boen enoughof'policy' and 'availability;1 enoughofckoosing the least of two eviís,1 and of all som of political compromising. Hencefurth let us be Independent; neither Whig8,norVan Buren men, but Abolition ists; glorying thatweare permitted to labor and suffer in so good a cau9c as that of ihö redernption of our country.