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Mr. Birney's Lecture

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Tbc lecturc on Slavery, hy Mr. Birrey on Monday evening, was nttended by n Inrge concourse of citizens. Notwithstanding. the tain pourcd down ia torrents during the eveuing, the Presbyterian Cfiurch waswell filled. Mr. Birnet spoke upon Slcvery as it ftffects the pbysical, moral and ntelleclua! condition of the slave,- and showcd that cmancipation- immediate- unconditional - without expatriation-was the only effectual remedy. We shall pubÜBh an outüne of his icmarks next week. - Mr. BmiïEr treated his subject with perfect ceodor nnd mildness, and yet displayed in its elucidation, a highly cultiyatod and well trained mind; replete with intelligonce and stror.g good seuse. We presume that tho e.vpectations of those who attended were fully realized. His aftabil.ty and good convcrsational potvers are calculated to secure to him rreat influcnce and popularity in ti)e social circlo. On the whole, oor previous convictions vvere etreng-thened, that Mr. BiKx:r possesses the decisión of character, comprehension of mLnd, and; strength of moral and religious principie wl.ich hove bcc ai.un,utva iO nim Dy hIS friends. aná ffhICh amply qualify him for the highest station in the gift of hia fellow citjzens. Mr. BiR.-yBY returns to New York immediately.