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Political Temperance

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-Alvanart introduced a series of resolutions on this the attention of the OneidaCounty Temperance sociely. They take the fullgroundofpolitical action, that the evils of the license system will never bo done away tillthe qucstion is distinctly carried {o the ballot box, and candidates to the Legislalure are nominated and electod, a raong other things expressly pledged to the work, They also doclare, that neither of the great political parties will abnlish the BysJeru for fear the move wil] be unpopnlar and Ibat raoral suaslon alnne wil] never accompli3h the tempranee reform; and thcy furth-r recomm-'n-J to the votors to make the abolition of the system, the great question oí consuleration at the coming election. These resoïutions were laid on the table to b? corisidered at th,e rvest nie-Hing, ivhich takes place, Sepl L5th. Last ye.r, sorrc forty tho3and persons petitioned the Legislatura of New York, tosiipnress thia great curso in community, and they anawered them by doing nolhing. The next movp, will be to refuse to vote for tlinKp whowould ' not grant their petitiona, and bestovv (heir suffrages on those who uii!. This i? bumnn nature and good eens?. When the Pf.ople i take hold of it the measure wil! succeed.LpT!te meeting of ihe Livingston County Liberty Convention uil] he held at Hovvcll on Thursday, Oei. 7, at one o'clock, P. M. Two Representaties to the Lègwlaiure, and a Coiinty Commiseioner wil! be nominated at that time. Jt is expect ed that the Convention vrill be addroseed by Borne gentlemen on the subject of political action, ogreeably to the vote of the last naeeting.